Road Hazard: When You Hit a Deer with Your Car or Truck ‚Äď Auto Body Advice

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In the areas of Maryland and Delaware, deer are plentiful. In the event you hit a deer, Preston Auto Body can help.

There are many road hazards that you need to pay attention to while driving. Of all the road hazards deer and other creatures can cause damage to your car or truck and may cause harm to you, your passengers, and possibly other drivers near you. With more than 1.5 million crashes involving deer that happen each year, it is important to know what to do when such an accident occurs. Of the 1.5 million crashes involving deer it is estimated that over 1 billion dollars are spent on repairing vehicles that hit the deer.

Deer are usual sighted either early morning hours or late evening hours. The worst months for deer activity (deer breeding season) are October, November, and December, though late February and early March deer can be expected along side of the road looks for fresh green food. Most deer related crashes happen on rural and suburban roadways. Anytime one may be driving on these types of roadways it is important to continuously scan the roadways and the sides of the roads for deer in order to avoid collisions.

The main thing to do to avoid or minimize a deer related collision is to ‚ÄúPay Attention.‚ÄĚ Once again be sure to scan the roadways, always slow down when deer are present, honking and blinking your heads lights may help may a deer out of the roadway, and remember if you see one deer, most likely there will be more to follow. Understanding common habits of deers and knowing what to do when a deer runs out in front of you can help you avoid serious injuries and serious auto body and collison repair bills.

So what do you do when you actually hit a deer? If hitting an deer is unavoidable there are few things to remember. DO NOT speed up into a deer in order to point the hood upwards. You never want to take evasive actions either because you could run into a ditch, hit another un coming car, hit a telephone pole, or hit another object off the road. What you do want to do is apply your brakes firmly, hold on the steering wheel, and come to a controlled stop. Pull over to a safe place if your vehicle is able to be driven, if not turn on your hazards and exit the vehicle when able to do so and be sure to watch for oncoming traffic. The next best thing to do is dial 911 or the police depending on your situation and fill out a police report for your insurance company. For more information on what to do when you hit a deer, contact your insurance provider.

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