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Mazda is releasing the Mazda6 Diesel in Spring 2014


Mazda is releasing its new Mazda6 with diesel engine in the spring of 2014.  The original release date was supposed to be at the end of this year in December.  The release date has been pushed back to accommodate for final emissions testing and certification.  The Mazda6 Diesel will feature a 2.2 liter Sky-D engine which boosts fuel economy by 20 percent over the current 2.2 liter diesel.  The Mazda6 diesel also meets the Euro 6 and U.S. Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standards without using any NOx after treatment!

2014 Mazda6

2014 Mazda6

Mazda decreased the compression ratio on the Diesel engine from 16.3:1 to 14:1.  The compression ratio is the ratio of the maximum and minimum volume in the cylinder of an internal combustion engine.  This value is the lowest in the world among diesel engines according to Mazda.  By decreasing the compression ratio this reduces cylinder pressures and therefore temperatures which reduces NOx production and also allows the fuel to mix better avoiding locally rich areas that produce soot.  Mazda has claimed that the lessened friction from the reduced cylinder pressure alone is worth about a five percent gain in fuel economy.

There is a downside to lowering the compression ratio in a diesel, during warm-up the engine temperature can be too low to support proper combustion.  The result to this could be the engine misfiring.  Mazda needed to solve this issue so they added a two-stage valve lift system on the exhaust side in order to be able to create additional valve overlap.  This will cause the hot exhaust gases to be drawn back into the next cylinder to warm it up.

The fuel economy on the diesel engine is excellent! The Mazda6 Diesel will get an impressive 31 to 33 mpg in the city and 43 mpg on the highway.  The engine runs quietly in the mid-revs, there is still the characteristic low-frequency rumble but if you play the stereo or even turn the a/c fan beyond halfway up you will hardly even notice it!  An unusual feature on the diesel is that it will run to 2500 rpm which will be helped by a two stage turbo system.

Mazda Diesel Engine

Mazda Diesel Engine

The new automatic transmission which much like the diesel engine is a part of Mazda’s fuel saving Skyactiv program!  The Mazda6 also has a big capacitor that stores energy from the alternator during deceleration.  It can suck up the charge faster than a battery.  Mazda claims that this keeps enough energy stored to run all electrical systems nearly all the time.  Therefore, the alternator is seldom driven by actual diesel power.  It is driven by mostly wasted momentum!

The rest of the car has a rigid body, agile handling, good grip, resistance to understeer, nice styling, chic interior and strong ergonomics.

At Preston Mazda in Hurlock, Maryland we have a large inventory of the 2014 Mazda6 and would love to get you into yours today! We welcome customers from all across Maryland, including Annapolis, Maryland, Easton, Maryland, Pocomoke, Maryland and Salisbury, Maryland! Continue to check our Facebook page for updates on when you might see the Mazda6 Diesel on our lot!

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