Customize your ride with Preston Customs!

If you would like to customize your ride just the way you like it then you should consider coming to Preston Customs at Preston Autobody!  We can add those special touches to your vehicle that you desire.

When the weather gets cold you might want to think about having leather seats with heat installed in your vehicle.  If you only want leather seats without the heat then that is available as well.  Leather seats are a nice addition to a vehicle, they add value.  Leather is also more durable than fabric and vinyl.  When it comes to maintenance lather is also better than fabric.  All you need to clean leather is a damp cloth and a little detergent.  Leather also does not soak up spilt drinks as cloth seats would.  Not only are leather seats more durable but they are also extremely comfortable.  If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle driving to work or going on roadtrips than leather seats would make your journey a lot more comfortable.

Lincoln Remote Start

Another custom we offer is remote starts.  Remote starts make for a great feature!  The biggest benefit of having a remote start is the comfort of knowing that your car can be warm or cool before you get in.  On those cold mornings when you are getting up for work you can use your remote start to start your car and thus your car will be warm by the time you are ready to leave for work.  This also works the same way if it is extremely hot outside.  You can start your vehicle and it can cool down while you are waiting to leave.  No more getting in a vehicle where your seats are too hot to sit on!  Remote starts can also offer you safety that you didn’t have before.  By allowing an icy car to warm up before driving it is easier to scrape or defrost your windows.  This results in greater visibility for the driver.

Back up camera 2

Preston Customs also offers a back-up camera which can be installed in your dash or in your rearview mirror.  Back-up cameras have a lot of safety features.  Back up cameras can help prevent you from backing up over someone or something.  In larger vehicles without a backup camera your blind spot is 20 feet behind your vehicle.  It is also beneficial when hooking up a trailor.  The driver can easily navigate their way to the trailer, avoiding accidents as they may miss the mark or accidentally hurt the person helping them.  If you are in the city and need to parallel park then your new back-up camera from Preston Customs will significantly assist you with this.

Some of our other options include Bluetooth and DVD systems which are available to be installed in a headrest of drop down, and navigation systems which come in handy when you are going on long trips.  To go along with your backup camera from Preston Customs you can also get backup sensors!  These beep everytime you get too close to an object.  In case you don’t have power windows and power locks we can install these for you as well as radios of your choice!

For more information on Preston Customs please visit or stop by one our our body shops today in Cambridge, Snow Hill, and Preston!  We can help you with all your autobody needs!

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