Movember- No Shave November

The tradition continues as November first passed us by.  November marks a time when men unite and don’t shave for the whole month of November.  This month long event is a fun way to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other cancers associated with men.  Men who participate are referred to as “Mo-Bros”.  Movember encourages men to go get checked out in order to achieve early detection that may possibly save many lives.  The “Movember” Foundation has been spreading the trend since 2004, since then the trend has gone viral!  You rarely see a man in November with a clean shaven face!  In 2013 the Global Journal listed “Movember” as one of the top 100 non-government organizations in the world.


In honor of this month there are some guidelines you should follow if you are participating!

Rule #1:  Get rid of everything, this includes razors!  Dispose of these for the entire month of November, hide them so you can’t even find them or see them!

Rule #2:  You have to power through the uncomfortable feeling.  In the first week of November you will probably have the feeling of your face being on fire, you must power through!

Rule #3:  Get used to looking cool.  At the end of the first week you may have way more than a 5 o’clock shadow, remember grown men with full beards will not look ridiculous!

Rule #4: Don’t take criticism, when the holidays hit your beard will be in full swing and your family might criticize you.  Sometimes family members just don’t get it!

Rule #5: Take lots and lots of pictures, document your progress of “Movember”!  Compare how quickly you could grow a beard to your friends!  See who wins, this would be a fun competition!

Rule #6: Always make sure you are having a lot of fun!  Take a few days and have fun with your beard! Make it look extra cool by maybe giving yourself a goatee.

Rule #7:  The most important rule!  Shave!  On December 1st not a second earlier you finally get to shave!!

No Shave Frog

Benefits of No Shave November

  • You save money on razors, shaving cream, etc!
  • Save time getting ready in the morning! You can sleep in a little longer than usual for the month!
  • Your face will be kept warm with the cold weather coming up!


Fun beard facts:

  • On average whiskers grow 5.5 inches per year!
  • Hans Langseth of Norway grew the longest beard recorded at 17’ 6”!!
  • The average man will man will spend 140 days of his life shaving!

Have fun and enjoy November!

By: April Green

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