Hyundai Introduces Concept Pickup Truck!

Pickup sales have risen to a whole new level and are on the track to being the biggest sellers of 2013.  There shouldn’t be any surprise that Hyundai is considering designing a pickup truck.  A few years ago Hyundai considered designing a front wheel pickup for the U.S however these ideas came about in early 2008 just as the Great Recession was hitting the world economy. Therefore nothing became of these ideas, as the economy has taken a turn for the better Hyundai is beginning to think again about designing a pickup truck.  Hyundai has propelled itself into the #4 slot on the list of the world’s automakers.  This means that is makes more cars than Ford, Nissan, Honda and just about everyone in the automotive industry.  Hyundai didn’t make it to the top by sticking to budget friendly hatchbacks, Hyundai makes everything from sedans and wagons to crossovers and minivans, and most recently even sport coupes.  Now the Korean Automaker is possibly considering entering the pickup truck market!  Could Hyundai maybe be giving the Ford F-150 a run for its money?

Hyundai Pickup Concept

Hyundai’s rendering artist Theophilus Chin has dreamt up what the Hyundai pickup could look like.  The concept appears to be closely based on the latest 2013 Santa Fe however, the concept pickup has a short pickup bed out back instead of a wagon bodystyle.  The concept looks a little closer to a Volkswgen Amarok than is does a full size truck like the Ford F-150 and would most likely see more overseas sales in this form than sales in the US.  Before Hyundai would ever launch a pickup truck in the U.S. the truck would need to undergo years of testing!  Hyundai might need to create something bigger and bolder to go up against trucks like the Ford F-150 and the Nissan Titan!

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Hyundai Concept Pickup 3Hyundai Pickup Concept 2


By: April Green

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