Good Questions To Ask When Buying a Vehicle

Buying a vehicle is one of the most important decisions you make.  While in the process you should ask many questions so that you are clear on what exactly you are getting.  Here are some questions we suggest you ask in order to get the best knowledge about your potential car.

  • Has the car ever been damaged?  – When buying a new or used car this is always an important question.  Even new cars go through a lot to get to the dealership.  Used cars can also have histories of being in accidents which you might not be able to see from looking at the vehicle.  You have the right to know about the history of the vehicle so be sure to ask this question!
  • Can I have a test drive? – Always test drive a car before you purchase!  You wouldn’t want to buy a vehicle that you then discover you don’t enjoy driving.  You also might drive a vehicle you weren’t originally considering buying and end up loving it when you drive it!

Test Drive

  • Where is the nearest dealer/ authorized repair center to my house? – Always a good idea to ask this just in case you get in an accident and need a repair or even if you need your vehicle serviced!  Luckily, at Preston Automotive Group we have three different Autobody’s which can do any repairs you need done.  They are located in Cambridge, Maryland, Snow Hill, Maryland and Preston, Maryland.  We also have service centers at all of our locations!
  • Has the car been used as a demo? – A car can still be sold as new if it has been used as a demo.  Often these vehicles have very low miles and are still in new condition!
  • How many owners has the vehicle have? – This pertains to used vehicles, it is always good to know how many owners a vehicle has had.  Having only one owner is often really appealing because the vehicles might have lest wear!
  • Does the vehicle have any special features? – Some vehicles come equipped with features you might not even know about that are very beneficial!  There also might be times where a vehicle has features you don’t think you need, this could save you money.  Be aware of what the vehicle has in it!

Edge Interior

  • How many miles are on the odometer? – A vehicles mileage helps determine its value.  Always ask how many miles are on the vehicle!
  • How can I contact you? – When working with a sales person, you always want to have all their information.  If anything goes wrong or you have any questions you would want to be able to reach them right away!  When you look for a vehicle with Preston Automotive Group all of our sales people hand out their cell phone numbers, this way they can get back to you as soon as possible!


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