Top Environmentally Friendly Cars at the Preston Autoplex

Being an environmentally  friendly car is becoming a huge buying feature when looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle.  Of the top 30 environmentally friendly vehicles reported by msn Autos,  8 of these vehicles we have at the Preston Autoplex!  High gas prices combined with consumers become familiar with alternative powertrain technology is increasing interests in hybrids and flexible fuels.  Among the eight vehicles listed which are available at the Autoplex are the Ford Focus, Ford Focus Wagon, Hyundai Accent, Hyundai Elantra, Mazda3, Mazda MX-5 Miata, and the Nissan Sentra!  Ford alone had six vehicles on the list among the 30.

Kelly Blue Book made a list of the ten best green cars and number 10 on the list was the Lincoln MKZ! The Lincoln MKZ is a luxury car with a base price of around $35,000.  Kelly Blue Book describes the car as possessing the latest cutting edge technology including an infotainment system and keyless entry!

C-Max Energi 2013 1

Another car that also made the list was the Ford C-Max Hybrid! At Preston Ford we have an abundance of these in stock ready for a new owner!  The combined fuel efficiency for the C-Max Energi is 100 MPG electric and 43 MPG on gas!  The Energi can drive 21 miles off just electricity!  When the battery is depleted the gasoline engine fires up and runs just like the hybrid.  The top speed in electric mode is an astounding 85 mph!  This is amazing for an electric vehicle.

The Ford Fusion Energi is also an excellent pick if you are looking to be environmentally friendly!  The Ford Fusion Energi is a gas sipper and long tripper!  You can go on a 620 mile road trip without ever having to fill up.  That would be like taking a trip from Easton, Maryland all the way to Atlanta, Georgia!  When driving in a new Fusion Energi most customers don’t even have to visit the pump on a weekly basis.  More like a monthly basis!  The Fusion Energi Hybrid travels 20 miles on batter power alone, if you have a short commute then you will very rarely need to make a trip to the gas station! One of the green items in the Fusion Energi is organic seat foam which is made from soybeans.  This one earth friendly product placed in each model saves 600,000 gallons a year in oil that would have been used in the manufacturing process.

Fusion Energi 2013 1

At Preston Ford we have and abundance of inventory in preparation for out Mission Possible Top 100 Sales Drive.  We have had the most inventory we have ever had in 6 years!  We are determined to have the best December we have ever had and look forward to see many happy customers coming though our doors!  Visit us online today at to view our inventory or give us a call at 877-834-3396!

By: April Green

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