Do you Name your Car?

More and more people have started the tradition of naming their vehicles.  It gives the vehicle a personal touch just like you name your dogs and cats, naming your car is now being seen as normal!  Considering how much time we spend with our cars it’s no wonder that we bond with them and care about them.  By personalizing them this makes the car feel like a trusted old friend so it makes sense to name them.


According to a survey taken women are more likely to name their car than men and women also usually drive with greater care and consideration.  It has also been proven that people who are emotionally attached to their cars tend to look after them better than those who are not attached.  Many people also seem to feel that by naming their cars they can communicate with them and even negotiate or please with them to keep going if they are getting ready to break down.  According to another survey people tend to give their cars a name of the opposite sex, 81% of men give their car a female name and 91% of women refer to their car as masculine.

Nationwide Insurance has named October 2 it’s “National Name your Car Day”.  This holiday gave Nationwide an excuse to poll more than 1,000 U.S. car owners.  This poll found that close to 25 percent of the respondents have a name for their car.  Car owners between the age of 18-34 were more likely to name their cars!


The most popular car names are Beast, Bullet, Bat Mobile, and Big Red.  Also don’t forget that many cars that are featured in movies have also been named!  The movie Dukes of Hazzard has the General Lee, Kitt from Knight Rider, Batmobile from Batman, Bumblebee from Transformers, Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters and of course Herbie from The Love Bug!  The Batmobile in Batman was originally a Lincoln Futura concept car that was later made into the Batmobile!

What have you named your car??

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