Mazda’s Concept Car, the Mazda Shinari

The Mazda Shinari concept gives us a clear idea as to what the next Mazda6 might look like.  The Shinari concept is stunning, it is a four seat coupe that looks like the combination of a Maserati GranTurismo and a Jaguar XF.  The swoopy lines and giant 21-inch wheels give the impression that Mazda might be going for a new look.

Mazda Shinari 1

Chief designer Ikuo Maeda said his intentions behind this concept car were to “build the car I want to buy and drive,” he is moving away from the flowing, nature inspired Nagare design theme.  Maeda was the chief designer of the RX-8 and the  Mazda2 and he has been with the company for nearly 30 years.

Mazda Shinari 2

The Shinari is based on a new architecture that can be front, rear, or all wheel drive.  Further proof of the Shinari’s 6-ness comes in the confirmation that the concepts architecture will underpin the next generation of Mazda C and D segment vehicles.  Underneath the hood of this concept vehicle is a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine, likely with Mazda’s new Sky powerplants.

While the exterior is certainly different than previous Mazda designs, the interior is perhaps the most surprising aspect of the Shinari.  The interior is possibly the most attractive and stylish interior seen in a Mazda vehicle.  It features authentic aluminum tim, leather covered surfaces and double stitching at nearly every turn.  In the back of the vehicle there is rear bucket seats.  The gauges are modeled after popular watch designs which up the class of the Shinari quite a bit.  The glass roof helps make the interior feel open and airy.

Mazda Shinari

The Shinari features quite a bit of technology that looks forward to the new applications of driver automobile interactions.  The Human Machine Interface is split into three modes; Business, Pleasure and Sport.  Potential uses range from looking up bios of a business contact before a meeting to a rally style co-pilot feature that could alert the drive of characteristics of upcoming turns.

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By: April Green

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