Preston Ford Announces Rank in the Top 100 Ford Dealers in the Nation

Preston Ford had three goals for the month of December.  They called it Mission Possible and their goals were to be #1 in the region for the month of December, Top 10 in the Country for the month of December and to be a Top 100 Ford Dealer in the Nation for the year 2013.  In order to make these goals Preston Ford had to exceed all expectations.  They set numerous goals each day as to how many vehicles they had to sell.

Accomplished Top 100

Their first goal was set for December 20th, this goal was to sell at least 200 new Fords.  When December 20th came Preston Ford surpassed their goal of selling the 200 new Fords.  Another goal was set on a Saturday and Sunday to sell 50 new Fords.  When December 30th hit Preston Ford successfully sold their 400th brand new Ford vehicle!  This was a huge accomplishment.  Also on December 30th Preston Ford stated that they needed to sell at least 100 new Fords in a matter of three days.  On January 1st Preston Ford still needed 42 more new Fords in order to reach their goal of 500.  The morning of January 2nd David Wilson Jr told the Preston Ford Team that they needed to sell over 50 new Fords that day in order to make it into the Top 100 and secure their spot.  At the end of the day on January 2nd, Preston Ford sold an astonishing 515 new Fords for the month of December!

For the month of December Preston Ford accomplished every goal that they set out to achieve.  Preston Ford is number one in the region, which was accomplished by around 250 units!  Top 10 in the country was accomplished and Preston Ford finished at number 3 in the nation out of 3,300 plus Ford Dealers.  Preston Ford also made the Top 100 for the year of 2013.  They finished 90th in the nation when they first came into the month at 147.

Preston Ford could not have done all of this without the support and dedication from their customers, friend and wonderful team members.  Mission possible was a huge success!


History of Top 100 and Preston Ford

For the past few years Preston Ford has made the Top 100 Ford Dealers in the Nation! This is a huge accomplishment for the small town of Preston!  Starting in 2009 Preston Ford was 109th in the Nation out of all Ford Dealers. In 2010 Preston Ford was 93 in the Top 100 Ford Dealers in the Nation.  Again in 2011 Preston Ford moved up in the ranks to 89th place for the Top 100.  When 2012 came around Preston made it to 102nd place just barely missing the Top 100 Ford Dealers in the Nation.

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