Good Features for Vehicles During Winter

The winter season is in full force and there are some features on vehicles that are ideal for driving in the elements that winter brings on!  Winter weather can affect the way you interact with your vehicle and the road. Extremely cold temperatures can impact how comfortable you are in your vehicle.  Ice on the road can also have a huge impact on the ability to drive safely.

The first feature excellent for driving in the winter is all-wheel drive.  All-wheel drive refers to a drive train system that includes a differential between the front and rear shafts.  A lot of the times this is coupled with a non-slip technology that will allow differentials to spin at different speeds, but still manage to maintain the ability to transfer torque from one wheel in case of loss of traction on that wheel.  The pros of all-wheel drive are that it provides increased grip and control under all road conditions.  It also gives sportier handling and traction to a broader range of cars.  The best pro is that it works all the time!

Another feature great for winter driving is an engine block heater.  A block heater warms the engine to increase the chances that the engine will start as well as warm up the vehicle faster in extremely cold weather.  The most common type is an electric heating element in the cylinder block, connected through a power cord which is often routed through the vehicle’s grille.  When a vehicle warms up quickly this means that the heat in the vehicle will get warmer quicker.  This all benefits you!  If it’s freezing out and you are cold this will be of great use to you!

Headlight washer/wipers are beneficial when it is sleeting or snowing.  This will allow the headlights to be more visible to other drivers as well as help you see the road better.

Heated seats 1

Heated front seats are often installed in most new models of vehicles these days.  A lot of the times they heat up a little quicker than the heat in the vehicle.  This feature also benefits the passenger as while.  The benefits of heated seats are that they can increase personal comfort during cold weather.  These are especially beneficial to people with back pain, when driving you can be comfortable.

The heated steering wheel is another great feature beneficial to the driver.  Again the steering wheel often heats up before the actual heat in the car does.  Without a heated steering wheel most drivers drive with gloves in order to keep their hands warm, this can be hazardous.

Heated side mirrors are becoming more common than ever!  They can clear themselves of fog, ice and even prevent further snow building on them!  Many cars activate them with the rear defogger, some vehicle have their own dedicated button.  Others are connected to the heated seat switch.

A wiper de-icer also known as a heated wiper park frees wipers that are frozen to the glass where they rest.

Remote Start 2

One of the best features for the winter months is remote start.  With remote start you can start your vehicle from inside your home.  This allows the vehicle to warm up so that when you are ready to leave you don’t have to get into a cold vehicle.  Warming up the engine is also good for the vehicle.

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