2015 Hyundai Genesis

The 2015 Hyundai Genesis is expected to be available in the Spring of 2014.  Hyundai set out to create an even smarter all-wheel drive system.  HTRAC is the result of tireless testing, tweaking and evaluation on the famous German test track.  The new Genesis also has intelligent drive mode.  There are normal, sport, eco and snow modes which alter steering, transmission, throttle and suspension to give you control which is tailored to each environment and condition.

2015 Hyundai Genesis

The 2015 Genesis is also to no surprise an extremely safe vehicle.  It has an automatic emergency braking system.  This system uses both cameras and radar sensors to aide safety.  In fog, rain or any other extreme condition the Gensis can see what is happening up ahead and alert you of danger.  If a crash is imminent and the driver doesn’t react, the system deploys Automatic Emergency Braking.  They system can even apply full brake force stopping power from 5 to 50 mph.  This gives you an added element of safety.  The 2015 Genesis also comes with lane departure warning with lane keep assist.  This automatically detects when a driver has difficulty staying in their lane and helps by using gentle steering compensation about 43 mph.  The Genesis will even provide feedback through steering wheel vibration when the vehicle drifts outside the lane without signaling.  Also, the lane departure warning will alert the driver with an audio cue or a visual warning on the heads-up display.  In order to increase awareness on the road the Genesis employs a radar system to detech when a vehicle is in the driver’s blind spot or in the rear cross path while backing up.  The system also provides both an audio and a visual alert to keep you aware at all times.  There is also no need to constantly adjust your cruise control.  With smart cruise control the Genesis will automatically adjust its speed based on the vehicle in front of you.  It can even come to a full stop and then start again without any driver input.  Nine airbags help protect you from all areas in the Genesis.  Even the driver’s knees have their own airbag!

2015 Hyundai Genesis Interior

There is a lot of technology in the 2015 Genesis that is all at convenience for you!  The first being the smart trunk with auto open.  The Genesis’ trunk will automatically open when you stand within 3 feet behind the vehicle with the key for more than three seconds.  You do not need to wave or kick your feet in order to engage.  The Genesis has a totally new automotive system that is designed to sense carbon dioxide levels in the cabin of the vehicle.  As it is being driven carbon dioxide naturally builds.  The Genesis CO2 sensor automatically activates the ventilation system to add fresh air to the cabin.  The guessing is now over when it comes to which tire needs more air in it.  The genesis intelligently indicates exactly which tire is low on air.

The Genesis is a high quality with features you won’t see in anything else.  The panoramic sunroof offers views of the skyline by opening up completely from front to back seat.  There is also ventilated seats with power bolster and a cushion extender.  This allows each driver to find the ideal comfortable position by injecting air to bolster the seat and extending for further leg support.  The wood trim adds to the overall aesthetic of the vehicle.  The interior is elegantly with features that everyone can appreciate.

Preston Hyundai is very excited about seeing this vehicle released this Spring.  Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page as to when Preston Hyundai will have the 2015 Hyundai Genesis available.

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