Best Vehicles for your Valentine’s Day Date

If you are looking for the perfect vehicle to take your Valentine on a date with you have come to the right place.  Preston Automotive Group is here to share with you the vehicles we have chosen to be the best for a Valentine’s Day Date!  These five vehicles we have chosen are perfect for impressing that important person in your life.  The vehicles we have chosen are the Ford Mustang, Ford F-150, Mazda Miata MX-5, Hyundai Genesis, and the Nissan Maxima.  These vehicles are bound to make your Valentine’s Day the best!

2013 Ford Mustang

The first vehicle to address is the Ford Mustang.  We think the Mustang is perfect because who doesn’t love a sports car?  The Mustang can also come with a convertible top, if you are in a warm place this is perfect.  Riding with the top down is an ideal date.  Even if the top isn’t down the Mustang is still a very appealing car to many people.  The Mustang can come in an array of colors to fit your choice.  However, the most appropriate color is red for Valentine’s Day.  It is available in 10 different models! The interior of the Mustang is nothing short of impressive.  The cockpit blends craftsmanship with premium materials.  There are many different packages that are available for the Mustang.

2014 F-150

No one can forget about the Ford F-150.  Everyone loves riding in a truck on Valentine’s Day.  The Ford F-150 is America’s Best Selling Truck and is definitely a top seller at Preston Ford.  The F-150 is available in 10 tough models.  You are bound to find the model that is perfect for you! The F-150 can haul more cargo than any of its competitors, it can haul a maximum of 3,120 lbs!  It also has a Class V trailer towing capability with a maximum of 11,300 lbs!  The interior of the F-150 is as impressive as its exterior.  It has a quiet environment thanks to Ford’s 720-degree approach to noise reduction.  One of the great features of the interior is the class-exclusive fully flat load floor.  This is simply impressive!  Behind the front seats of the F-150 SuperCrew is the fully flat load floor, simply lift the seats and reveal the whole floor!

2014 Nissan Maxima

Another vehicle that made our list is the 2014 Nissan Maxima.  The Maxima is extremely comfortable but also has an abundance of style and appeal.  The Nissan Maxima defys the sedan stereotype.  The power of its 3.5L V6 engine helps deliver quick acceleration.  The Maxima makes you feel like you are behind the wheel of a sports car.  The Maxima’s comfort is like non other.  It has room for five and keeps every passenger in mind.  Premium materials and an available heated steering wheel add to the first rate comfort.  There is also an optional dual panel moonroof which is perfect for memorable stargazing.

2014 Hyundai Gensis

The 2014 Hyundai Genesis is another one of our picks.  The Genesis is a luxury sedan, which has been highly ranked by J.D. Power.  It has class leading 333 horsepower, which is much higher than other comparable luxury sedans.  The Genesis also has best in class total interior volume!  It has 125.3 cubic feet of space!  That is a lot of space that is available for passengers or even shopping bags! The interior of the Genesis is extremely luxurious.   The steering wheel is heated leather and there are also heated leather seats in the Genesis.  Of course there is also the available navigation system that comes in handy for road trips.

The last vehicle on our list is the Mazda Miata MX-5.  The Miata is available in convertible like the Mustang!  One of the coolest things about the Miata MX-5 is that it is one of the few production cars to have its own race series!  You can drive cars that are on the race track!  This year is the 25th anniversary of the Miata MX-5.  It gives an impressive performance on the road, the Mazda engineers took into account every bolt, wire and upholstery stitch to achieve near perfect front to rear weight distribution and handling that seems to anticipate your every move!

Preston Automotive Group is proud to have an abundance of all these vehicles in stock and ready to be driven off the lot!  The team at Preston wishes everyone a happy and lovely Valentine’s Day!

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