What to do when you are rear ended

In the event that you are hit from behind in an accident Preston Automotive Group wants to make sure that you know what to do.  Things like these can happen when other drivers are not paying attention so it is important for you, as the driver, to stay alert at all times.  Regardless of whether you think there is a lot of damage or little to no damage to your vehicle it is still important to report a claim to your insurance company.  The other individual should involve their insurance company as well just to be safe.  The first step you should take when rear ended is to make sure that you and anyone in your vehicle is ok.  Once you have checked yourself out and the others in the vehicle you should get out of the vehicle and make sure the other person is ok as well.

Once these steps are completed we recommend that you ask for the other parties contact information as well as insurance information.  It is up to both parties if the police wish to be called.  The general rule is that you don’t have to call the police if both parties are uninjured and there appears to be no damage over a specified amount.  After you have gotten the other parties insurance information that is involved you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible.  This allows you to be able to get your car repaired.  Often insurance companies will want to ask you a lot of question about the incident.  The other party’s insurance company might call you as well to verify things.


Always remember that if there is any damage to your vehicle you get to make the decision as to where you take it to get repaired.  Many insurance companies will give you places that they recommend however, in the end it is ultimately the customer’s decision as to where they would like their vehicle repaired.  Luckily, Preston Automotive Group has three different body shops where they can repair your vehicle!  We have locations in Cambridge, Maryland, Snow Hill, Maryland and Preston, Maryland.  No repair is too big for our auto body shops.  They have the equipment and expertise in the shops to get jobs done to the best quality.

Along with all collision repair Cambridge, Snow Hill and Preston Auto Body can also do custom work and restoration.  They can install things such as remote starts, DVD players, Bluetooth, navigation and much more!

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