Preston Mazda named Gold Cup Dealer

Gold Cup

Preston Mazda of Hurlock, Marlyland was just named a 2014 Gold Cup Dealer.  This is Mazda’s most prestigious award and is only awarded to the top 125 performing dealerships in new vehicle sales and service retention.  This honor is awarded to Preston Mazda for the year 2014 in recognition of achieving but also maintaining the highest standard of service to its customers.

‚ÄúPreston Mazda is very excited to be receiving such a prestigious and highly recognized award‚ÄĚ, says J.T. Thompson General Manager of Preston Mazda.¬† A Mazda gold cup dealer takes pride in making every customer‚Äôs experience the very best that it can be.¬† Preston Mazda makes sure that every customer that is coming in to purchase a vehicle or get their vehicle serviced that they have the best experience that they can have.¬† All authorized Mazda dealerships are eligible, only a select few are awarded this high honor and Preston Mazda is lucky to be one of them. The dealerships who have won this award also have sales and service staff that adhere to Mazda training requirements on an ongoing basis.

Preston Mazda has the largest inventory of Mazda vehicles on the eastern shore.  They have over 120 brand new Mazda vehicles.  This number does not include the amount of Certified Pre-Owned Mazdas they have in stock as well.  They stock everything from the MX-5 Miata to the Mazda5.  Since Preston Mazda has such an impressive selection of Mazda vehicles they are able to better serve Delmarva with the very best deal.   Preston Mazda would like to thank all of their past and present customers for helping them achieve this amazing goal!


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