How to change the Background on your MyFord Touch Screen

You can personalize your MyFord Touch Screen in your Ford vehicle in a few simple steps.  Personalizing the screen gives your Ford that extra touch that adds a special feature to it.

The steps are very simple and remember that at Preston Ford we offer Tech Saturdays where we can assist you in setting up your wallpaper.  Tech Saturdays are the second Saturday of every month.  Be sure to come out and learn about all the technology that is available in your Ford vehicle.

My Ford Touch Pic

The first step to changing your background is to load your favorite wallpaper images on to your USB drive.  Make sure the file is the right size. The optimal resolution for your MyFord Touch screen is 800×384 and the file size limit is 1.5 mb.  As long as you are within these limits your picture should be perfect!

Next, you should insert the USB drive into the USB port in your vehicle, this is located in the center consoles of most Fords except in the Explorers where it is located under the dash.  Now you should select the “Settings” button on your main screen.  This button looks like a cog wheel.  Under the settings menu select the “Display button.  Once you have selected the “Display” button now you want to select “Edit Wallpaper”  At this point you should select “Add”.  From your USB drive select which photos you would like to import.  This step will not set the image as your background quite yet but it will copy the images onto your MyFord Touch system.  When all the images have been uploaded that you desire hit the back arrow and highlight the image you would like to use as your wallpaper and then hit “Save”.  Now you can select the “Home” button and your saved image will now appear!

Now you can enjoy your new personalized MyFord Touch Screen!  Again if you have any question please stop by Preston Ford’s Tech Saturdays!  Our sales consultants are ready to assist with any needs you have!

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