Apps to keep you safe on the road

With technology advancing by the minute there are some great apps that can help keep you safe on the road.  Always remember that being on your phone while driving is very dangerous and can cause more harm than good.  Preston Automotive Group has three Auto Body shops which can repair all makes and models.  We also offer 24 hour towing at all three of these locations.  All you have to do is call and our towing team will come to the rescue!


The first app that is great to have on your phone is the AAA Roadside app! This app is free on your smartphone.  Having AAA is almost as important as putting gas into your vehicle.  Even if you are currently not a member of AAA you can still use some of the services they offer.  If you are a member you will never have to search for your AAA card or phone number again.  The on-site process is usually less than 30 minutes! That is impressive!

Another great app is Roadside Assistance.  This app is $0.99 and is ideal if you do not have AAA.  This app quickly figures out your location and finds your exact address as well as contact numbers for national and local roadside assistance.

There is a State Lines App by Two Steps Beyond which is essential for any person who takes a lot of road trips!  This app provides you with all the relevant driving laws in each state.  It also provides you with other relevant information that will help keep you safe and legal.  If a state has a law that you aren’t allowed to be on your phone will driving you will definitely know about it!

Gas Cubby is another great app for the road!  It is a fuel economy calculator, car maintenance and service log!  This app helps to keep you up to date with the internals of your vehicle!  It can track miles per gallon and your car’s service records.

iWrecked is an app that is there for you in the unfortunate event that you get in an accident.  It acts as your personal auto accident assistant.  iWrecked keeps a detailed accident log and history, captures unlimited images and archives using the iPhone camera, sends accident reports with images.  It can also locate taxis, towing firms, emergency services and much more!

A great app for overall safety is the Smart-ICE4family app!  This app is $2.99 and in the event of an emergency is will contact emergency services, help them locate you, share crucial medical information with medical personnel and make sure that your insurance information is close at hand!

All of these apps can provide comfort and safety to the driver.  The safest driving practice is to not use a cell phone while driving at all!  They are a distraction and can provide more harm then they do good.  These apps will work great with vehicles offered by Preston Automotive Group.  At the Preston Autoplex alone you can take your pick between a Nissan, Hyundai, Mazda, Ford or Lincoln.  We also have a great selection of pre-owned vehicles!

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