Features that are no longer seen in vehicles

There are many features that used to be in vehicles that are no longer available.  Some of these features are very interesting!

Ford Bench Seat

The first one we no longer see is bench seats!  The last American production model car to offer a bench seat in the front was the Chevy Impala.  Before seat belts were included in cars or even required to be worn by law three passengers could comfortably fit in the front of most cars.   Some trucks are still equipped with bench seats but it is very rare that you find a car with bench seats anymore!  Preston Ford currently has a few new F-150s which have a bench seat in the front!

Another feature not often found any more is an ashtray.¬† They were commonly found in the dashboard along with an electric lighter.¬† If you weren‚Äôt a smoker the ashtray was handy for storing loose coins.¬†¬† Now in vehicles you don’t see the ashtray most vehicles have storage devices or a more open looking center console.

Most vehicles also no longer come with a full-size spare tire.¬† The advantage with a full-size spare tire is that you could put it on and not stress too much about getting the other tire fixed or replaced.¬† You could have gotten it replaced at your convenience.¬†¬† Now most vehicles come with “donuts”, these tires are not meant to be driven on for very long so if you get a flat tire you should get to a service facility in a timely manner!

Vent windows are also an item of the past.¬† Vent or ‚Äúwing‚ÄĚ windows were popular in the pre-air conditioning days.¬† These windows were especially great for when it was to chilly for air condition and you didn‚Äôt want the windows all the way down.¬† The vent windows wouldn‚Äôt blow or mess up your hair while driving.

Horn Ring

Horn Rings were originally considered a safety feature as well as a huge convenience.  Before Horn Rings the driver had to completely remove their hand from the steering wheel in order to beep the horn.  When the Horn Ring came around you could hit the horn without removing your hand from the steering wheel.  There are no longer horn rings so you must revert back to removing your hand from the steering wheel in order to beep the horn.

Control Knobs in vehicles are also slowly starting to not show up anymore.  Many vehicles now have touch screens in order to control the radio station or the air conditioning.  This could be a hassle if trying to be safe while driving.  Although in today’s vehicles there are often controls right on the steering wheel so there is no need to take your hands off the wheel.

An item that we are seeing features in cars is keys!  A lot of vehicles have keyless entry and push to start options which only take a remote to power!   You do not need to remove your remote from your purse, briefcase or pocket in order to unlock, lock or start your vehicle.  This is all very convenient!  Many of the vehicles at Preston Automotive Group have available keyless entry and push to start.  Some even have remote start, this is where you can press a  button on your key fob and  your vehicle will start without  having to be sitting in it.  If you would like a remote start one of our Auto Body Shops can install that for you.  We have Preston Customs, where a customer can customize their vehicles with leather seats, remote starts, dvd players and much more!

Crank windows are often only found in base models in the automotive business today.  Many base models actually offer power windows now! All vehicles used to have crank windows back in the day.  Some power windows even go down without having to hold down the button, with one push the window will roll all the way down.

It is fascinating to look back on the way vehicles used to be and see how many things have changed over the years. We are likely to see even more changes with the way technology is evolving.

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