Fun Facts about Ford Motor Company

There are many fun facts about Ford Motor Company you might not know about!  Preston Ford is here to present these fun facts!

The first is that Ford Motor Company is the largest family owned business in the world!  All of the company’s CEOs have been directly related to the company founder Henry Ford since he retired from the position.

Our next fun fact, Ford’s famous race car the GT40 won Le Mans 24 hour race 4 times in a row!  It is now one of the world’s most recognized long distance cars and was named by the fact that it is only 40 inches high.

Ford invented the assembly line for making cars.  Henry Ford’s assembly line has revolutionized the way car construction is and it is still the most popular way cars are built even today!

The first car released by Ford was actually a Model A however, it was the Model T that became Ford’s success story.  In 1916 around 55% of all cars on the road were Model Ts.  Part of the reason the Model T was so popular was because of its price, it was less than half the price of its rivals.

Ford also owns Lincoln Motor Company which it purchased in 1925.  Lincoln is seen as the luxury side of Ford’s car production and is known for its Town Car.

Ford Oval

The well-known Ford Blue Oval badge was first introduced in 1907 and the current emblem was introduced in 2003 to celebrate 100 years of Ford.

The very first Ford sold was to a Dr. Pfennig in 1903.  The cost was $850!  He bought the “Model A” which had a two cylinder engine and could reach a max speed of 30 mph!

Pedal Mustang

In 1964, after the Mustang was first debuted, 94,000 pedal powered toy mustangs were bought for children the following Christmas season! That is a lot of pedal-powered toy mustangs!

Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were lifelong friends!  Henry Ford first worked for Thomas Edison and then they ended up becoming lifelong friends.

The Ford Thunderbird was first manufactured in 1955 and finished production in 2005.  During this 50 year period 11 different models of the Thunderbird were released.  Ford has produced over 4.4 million Thunderbirds throughout its lifespan.  The Thunderbird was also famously called the “T-Bird”.

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