Preston Automotive Groups Auto Body shops all offer Frog Watch

Frog Watch is a program offered at the Preston, Snow Hill, and Cambridge Auto Bodys.  It allows customers to see the repair process and receive updates on the repairs happening to their vehicles.  Customers can also send emails to the Auto Body shop with any questions.  They can check their repair status daily or weekly and call with any questions.  There are many different steps that a vehicle goes through in order to get repaired from a collision.  At every step of the way the customers vehicle will be able to be followed through Frog Watch.

Frog Watch

The first step of the repair process is the repair estimate.  This is the step where the vehicle is assessed and inspected for damage.  With the customer’s permission the vehicle is taken apart to make sure there isn’t any unseen damage.  This is also the step where the Insurance Company’s report is used to ensure the lowest estimate for repairs.

Step two is the authorization, this step is to obtain the customer’s signature so that repairs can begin.  Next the insurance must approve, this also must be done before any repairs can begin.  Step four is to order any parts needed for the repair and Step five is to receive the parts.

Finally Step 6 is where the vehicle is scheduled for repair.  The customer is contacted to schedule the most convenient time for them to get their vehicle repaired.  If the vehicle is already in the shop then the repairs begin immediately.

At step 7 the vehicle is completely dissembled and re-inspected.  The vehicle will be taken completely apart, all the parts involved are placed on a parts car which is designated just for that vehicle.  As the vehicle’s outer parts are removed, the physical structure will often reveal damage that originally could not be seen.  The hidden damage could alter the repair costs.  When hidden damage is found a supplemental damage report is written.  As hidden damage occurs the customer and the insurance company are notified in order to proceed.

The next step is for all metal work and initial tests to be done.  The technicians begin to make sure systems work and they also perform quality control of the structural repairs.  The vehicle is then prepped, primed and blocked.  After this step the vehicle is ready to be masked, taped and placed in the paint booth.

Once through the paint booth the vehicle is chemically cleaned and tacked.  Chemical cleaning removes all outside contaminates and tacking removes the dust particles that remain.  Now it is ready for the refinishing process.  This is a multi-step process to ensure a quality finish, using only products that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications and are backed by a lifetime paint performance guarantee.

The last and final step is the reassembly, alignment, wash, inspection and test drive.  The Auto Bodys with Preston Automotive Group want to assure the customer that the vehicle is fixed properly.  Once these steps have been completed the customer is notified that their vehicle is ready for pick up.


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