How to Detail your vehicle

Cars get dirty but there is more than just the dirt and rain on your cars exterior; pollutants, acid rain, dead bugs and bird dropping all degrade your paint!  It isn’t just the exterior that gets dirty.  The interior will also go through wear and tear.  The cloth seats will need to be shampooed and leather seats deserve a proper leather cleaner and then followed by leather conditioner.

Washing Car

The first step to detailing your vehicle is to wash and dry your car as thoroughly as possible.  You should park in the shade while washing and waxing your car in order to prevent the heat from drying off the car and in return creating water spots before you get a chance to dry it.  By washing your car this gets off the dirt that comes off easily so that later on the cleaning products can get rid of the harder, stuck on dirt.

Next you should clean the door jambs!  This is often forgotten because you cannot see them without the door being opened.  However, door jambs tend to collect a lot of dirt.  Spray them with a good detail product and wipe them down with a microfiber detail towel.

Now you are ready to clay the paint.  Clay is used to remove deep ground in dirt and stains without damaging the cars paint.  This is especially important on newer cars because they have a clear coat paint.  In order to clay the car spray the area with a detailer then slide the clay back and forth over the paint.  The clay pulls up dirt and shaves it off of the cars surface.  Don’t drop the clay, if the clay is dropped it can pick up dirt that can scratch the vehicle making it useless.  After you clay the car the surface should feel noticeably smoother.

Now it’s time to polish your car.  Polishing your car smooths, clarifies, and cleans the surface of your car.  It will remove some small scratches, but it can also remove paint so make sure if you polish by hand that you are careful with the amount of pressure you put on the car.

Waxing car

It’s time to wax your car!  Wax doesn’t just make your car look nice but it also provides a coat that protects the paint.  Wax can be applied by hand but an electric orbital polisher/waxer can save you a lot of time and might be a good investment if you have a large car or truck!  Apply the wax directly to the applicator not directly on to the car.  Work in one small area at a time, make sure you are careful not to get wax on the black plastic trim as it will stain.  When the wax looks hazy run your finger through it if it breaks apart then it is ready to come off.  Buff the wax off gently with a cotton or microfiber towel.

Don’t forget to clean the inside of your vehicle as well.  Take out any floor mats and lay them aside.  Now vacuum all the floors, under the seats, the seats, etc, making sure you get into all the cracks and crevices.  Spray a dashboard cleaner on the dashboard and wipe them down getting all dust and pollen off the dashboard.  You can also get window cleaner and clean the inside of your windows eliminating streaks and smears.

Now you are ready to drive around in your extremely clean vehicle!  Preston Automotive Group has a detail team here that can detail your car for you if you prefer to have someone else do it!  The team here will get every nook and cranny so that your car looks and feel brand new!

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