Scarcity of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

As summer is approaching the demand for sportier cars continues to grow.  For this reason the sportier certified pre-owned cars become harder and harder to find.  In general the certified pre-owned vehicles are in high demand.  They allow vehicle buyers to purchase an almost new vehicle at a much cheaper price.  Not only is the price desirable but the warranty that comes along with the purchase is also great.


There are many pros to buying a certified pre-owned vehicle.  The Factory certified pre-owned gives you piece of mind.  The certified pre-owned vehicles go through inspection, repair and warranty.  Due to this you save the time and money it would have taken you to do this yourself and find a good warranty.

You also avoid the high up front 20-40 percent depreciation cost that any new car buyer suffers from within the first few years of ownership.  Since the vehicle is factory certified these vehicles typically represent the best deal.  The vehicle has been inspected, the needed repairs have been made and the car has been backed by a factory warranty.  The factory-backed warranty simply means that if you buy a pre-owned Ford then you will have the same coverage you would if you bought a new car from Ford.

All certified pre-owned vehicles go through a multipoint inspection.  More details will be taken care of.  For example if the brakes on the vehicle have less than 60 percent life left then they must be replaced. There is also a lot of choice with a used car. Although they can’t be made to order a customer can find a model and option package which might not be made any longer. There are a lot of pre-owned vehicles out there that have only had one owner. The chances of these vehicles being in excellent condition is very high. A car with owner is less likely to have problems with it since many owners of newer model year vehicles keep their vehicles clean if they know they are going to trade it in.

Here at the Preston Autoplex we sell five different types of certified pre-owned vehicles.¬† We have Nissan Certified Pre-owned, Mazda Certified Pre-Owned, Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned, Ford Certified Pre-Owned and lastly Lincoln Certified Pre-Owned.¬† For most certified pre-owned programs the vehicle must be 6 model years or newer and have fewer than ‚Äúx‚ÄĚ amount of miles on it.

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