Tips to Keep your Tires Cool This Summer

The summer heat is upon us and as it arrives everyone will try to keep cool.  Just as heat will have an impact on people it will also have an impact on car reliability and safety.  You can easily reduce the risk of tire blowouts if you follow some of these simple maintenance tips.  Something as little as having your tires properly inflated will go a long way in helping to avoid failures!   Hot weather causes heat build up and weakens the tire, potentially leading to abrupt failure.  On a 90-degree day surface temperatures can easily hit 150-degrees.

Ruined Tire

First you should check the inflation pressure in each tire, including the spare tire.  You should do these when the tires are cold or have been sitting for more than three hours

You should also inflate the tires to the recommended setting outlined on the tire information placard found most often on the driver’s door jamb and or the vehicle owner’s manual.

Check your tires monthly.  Tires can typically lose up to 1 psi per month.  The pressure in the tire drops about 1 psi for every 10-degree drop in the air temperature.

You should invest in a good tire gauge.  It is even a good idea to also buy a portable compressor that works off of the cars power outlet.

Tire Pic

Tires also lose air to common punctures.  If you find you are always adding air to your tire than you might have a slow leak in your tire.  Have this checked at your local service garage which includes the many service departments with the Preston Automotive Group.

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