Coming Soon: The 2015 Nissan Murano

The all-new 2015 Nissan Murano will be coming in late 2014.  The Nissan Murano was first introduced in 2002 and was a true original.  There wasn’t really anything else like it on the road.  It introduced a great combination of utility and style and was on the forefront of the automotive segment.  The 2015 Murano is said to redefine the crossover segment once again.

2015 Nissan Murano

In 2013 Nissan introduced the Resonance Concept at the Detroit Auto Show.  This concept vehicle was said to be the next generation of the Murano and the future of the crossover.  Now two years later this concept is becoming a reality as Nissan is introducing the 2015 Murano.

The Murano will have a floating roof appearance.  This gives the 2015 Murano a lower, lighter profile, which is in contrast of the traditional SUV.  The pillar less effect carries through the interior giving it an open feeling.  The taillights on the Murano have been completely redesigned.  They give the Murano a sleek, symmetrical profile.  The boomerang taillights are another new Nissan design feature.  The grille has also been redesigned.  The futuristic styling showcases the new Nissan design cues.  The Murano is also equipped with boomerang shaped headlights which integrate with the aerodynamic profile.

2015 Nissan Murano Back

The interior of the Murano is nothing short of impressive.  The available power panoramic moonroof reaches over both rows of seats.  This means that even passengers in the back seats have a clearview of the sky and can experience and open natural atmosphere rarely found in the back seat! The Murano also has NASA inspired zero gravity seats.  These seats replicate the weightlessness of space to the driver a natural and neutral seating position.  There is also the available heating and cooling seats up front and the available heated seats for the back seat passengers.  The new expanded center console adds distance between the front seats so that more interaction can happen between the front and back seats.  The console has an available 8-inch touch screen display as well as two USB ports.  There is one for the front seats and one for the back seats, this allows everyone to plug in their phones, play music and even project on the 8 inch display screen.  Nissan has also equipped the Murano with ambient lighting.  When the sun goes down the light casts a warm glow throughout the cabin adding even more to the premium interior cabin.

Interior Murano

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