Vehicle Safety and Recall Awareness

recallsVehicle recalls are something that happen more often than you might think, but owners may not always know their recalled vehicle needs to be repaired.  Just to be clear, I’m not referring to any major recalls like the Toyota sticking gas pedal incident or the Firestone tires on Ford SUV’s because of course those are recalls that everyone hears about on national news.  I’m talking about those smaller recalls that just about every car brand has at one time or another for things such as faulty airbags or switches for example.  So, it is just as important to know about the little recalls as it is to know about the larger ones because they are both threats to your safety.  And now there is any easy way to keep up on those threats with is a government website run by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  This site exists solely to inform consumers on everything to do with vehicle safety.  From recalls, to investigations, even to common complaints – is the catch-all site to ensure you and your family are safe in your vehicle.

Preston Automotive GroupThere are a couple ways to see if your car is on a recall list.  You could search as specifically as the VIN number or as general as the vehicle year, make, and model.  Regardless of how dependable your make of car usually is, everyone should take a look at this site anyway.  It’s fast, simple and you have nothing to lose except about thirty seconds of your time.  However, if you do end up finding something about your car involving a recalled item, then I’ll bet you’ll be glad you checked.  And even more than that, taking a couple seconds to check for your car could save your life or many others.

If you got your car, truck, or SUV from Preston Automotive Group and it turns out to have a recall, no matter how small or large, you can be sure that one of our three auto body shops – in Preston, Snow Hill, or Cambridge – will be able to help get you in-and-out and safely back on the road.

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