The Importance of Regular Oil Changes for Your Vehicle

Oil Change at Preston AutomotiveThey say change is good right?  Well the same goes for the oil in your vehicle.  The fact is, motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine.  So, the best way to extend the life and fuel economy of your car, truck, or SUV is to have the oil changed regularly.

The purpose of motor oil is to lube up the moving parts of the engine while keeping all the seals tight.  However, with the high temperature of the engine, the oil is put under great stress.  The thermal breakdown wears on the oil’s additives and lubrication.  When the lubrication wears down, parts of the engine may start to rub together.  The thermal breakdowns will also cause gaps to form in the various seals; this is where dirt and debris can sneak into the engine.  When you have your oil changed here at any Preston location, you will also get a new oil filter.  The filter works to keep the sludge from getting to your engine.  If it becomes clogged with too much gunk, it will decrease the amount of good oil that reaches your engine.

Preston Nissan & MazdaThese are all ways that unchanged oil could negatively affect the life of your vehicle.¬† So basically, the way to prevent all of this is to check your oil often and get it changed regularly.¬† We make that easy for you here at Preston Nissan and Mazda.¬† We have a deal so amazing it seems too good to be true ‚Äď but it‚Äôs not!¬† Our Triple Play Oil Change gets you your first oil change for $19.95, your second for $12.95, and your third one is absolutely free!¬† The only stipulation is that they all have to be done within a year from your first one.¬† Which, if you are following the expert recommendations, you should be getting three or four oil changes per year anyway.¬† So, this deal is saving you money that you would otherwise have to spend no matter what.¬† Drop your car off today to start taking advantage of this great deal!

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