Practice Safe Driving in the Delmarva Region

deer in delmarvaIt is coming up on a dangerous time of the year for drivers in the Delmarva Region.  October, November, and December are considered Deer mating and hunting season.  This means driving will require a bit more caution in the coming months.

Deer accidents can be very destructive and even fatal – not only to the deer obviously – but to the vehicle and its driver and passengers.  As far as the car is concerned, the national cost per claim average is over $3,800.  That is a hefty price to pay, not to mention that your insurance will most likely increase as a result.  And the turnaround time to get your car back in condition is usually an eternity; that is if you in fact if you make it through the accident.  The harsh reality is that thousands of people have died as a result of accidents with deer and other animals.

There are certain States in the US with higher odds of hitting a deer than others.  The third part of the Delmarva name, Virginia, came in at number nine on the list.  Fortunately Maryland or Delaware didn’t make the top ten this year, but they have in the past.  In Virginia, however, it was determined that you have a 1 in 88 chance to hit a deer.  The range extends from number one West Virginia, with a 1 in 39 shot, to last place Hawaii, with a 1 in 10,281 shot to hit one.

Now there are several precautions you can take to significantly decrease your odds.  First of all, there are Deer Crossing signs posted in high deer-traffic areas.  Now, these signs are in fact to warn drivers, not to tell deer where they can and cannot cross as thought by the woman in this since-gone-viral video.

deer vid

It is also a known fact that deer are most active from 6-9pm especially in the fall and winter months.  So, for safe driving in the dark be sure to use your high beams as this will significantly extend the range of your vision.  And of course not being distracted by things such as your cell phone, food, etc. will diminish your chances of hitting a deer.

In the event that you still manage to hit a deer after taking all these precautions, then you can have your choice between three top-notch Preston Automotive Group Body Shops here on the Eastern Shore.  We have shops located in Snow Hill, Cambridge, and of course Preston.  Our technicians are certified in I-Car Gold Standard and will restore your car to its former self.  So if you are the victim of a crash involving a deer, know that our body shops can repair any damage sustained.

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