It’s Tailgate Season!

Here in the Delmarva region we sure are excited about our sport’s teams.  The Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals are in the 2014 MLB Postseason.  The O’s are looking great after completing a 3-game sweep of the Detroit Tigers.  While the Nationals are unfortunately withering – on the brink of being swept themselves – even though we are hopeful of a comeback.  And of course we have the Ravens and Preston Tailgate SeasonRedskins in the middle of their NFL seasons.  What does it all add up to?  Primetime tailgating season.

Now, to have a truly great tailgate you need certain things like music, a grill, coolers, food, beverages, folding table and chairs, and some friends to enjoy it with.  And in order to get all that stuff to the tailgate party, you’re going to need an SUV or Truck that can handle it.  Here at the Preston Autoplex we compiled a list of our top three tailgate worthy vehicles.

We’ll start with #3 on our list: The 2015 Mazda CX-5.  This is a Crossover with tons of cargo room for a smaller SUV.  It has a large cargo capacity at 34.1 ft³ even with all the seats in place.  That is plenty of space for 5 people plus all the amenities for a top-notch tailgate.  We have tons of 2015 CX-5’s at Preston Mazda in Maryland.

Coming in at #2 is the 2014 Ford Flex.  This wagon is long, seats seven, and is actually very stylish.  This vehicle is somewhat box-like; however, its square shape makes for optimized space.  For instance, where other SUVs or Wagons cut corners with curved edges, the Flex squares them off – adding some style and extra cubic feet.  With seven passengers you’ll have 20 ft³ of storage space – but if you wanted to leave some passengers at home in order to fit more gear, you could fold some seats down and utilize the maximum cargo capacity of 83.2 ft³!  In other words, you’ll have plenty of room.

Preston Tailgate SeasonFinally, our #1 pick for best tailgate vehicle is the 2014 or 2015 Ford F-150.  Obviously any truck is going to be awesome for tailgating.  You can fit 5 passengers without worrying about where your stuff will fit.  The 2015 F-150 is even going to be better on fuel economy because of its lighter, aluminum body.

Here at Preston Ford in Maryland we have nearly three hundred 2014 F-150’s in stock, with the 2015’s on the way!  We also have 2014 Flex’s in stock, which were #2 on our list.  So if you’re loving the success of the Orioles or Nationals, as well as the Ravens or Redskins, be sure to come out to the Preston Autoplex and check out a new vehicle to make you the king of tailgate season.

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