Preston Hyundai Awarded for Service Satisfaction

Preston Hyundai has just received a Hyundai Star Award for the #1 Service Satisfaction Dealer in the District for the 3rd Quarter of 2014.  That is a very prestigious award, yet it’s not the first time Preston Hyundai has won it.  Just last quarter (Q2) Preston Hyundai of Maryland was also #1 in the Southern Region for Service Satisfaction.  So, that is back-to-back now for Preston Hyundai’s Service Department.  They must be doing something right to win that award two quarters in a row. Preston Hyundai Service Department

To give a little background, this award is based off of surveys sent out to customers immediately after they’ve had service done on their vehicle.  The survey is very extensive and covers everything from the type of work performed to the professionalism of the staff.  Those are only two questions out of a 50-question survey.  Hyundai wants to get the most accurate reading out of their surveys which is why there are so many questions to be answered.  This award that Preston Hyundai has won two quarters in a row is based solely off of these surveys.

Preston Hyundai’s Service Department worked on hundreds of cars during the previous two quarters.  And during that time, Ryan Carter, Parts and Service Director at Preston Hyundai said, “The most common reason for service was an oil change.”  Preston Hyundai Service Technicians were also able to average under an hour for all oil changes performed in those two quarters.  So, naturally, that type of speed and efficiency would make any customer very satisfied.Preston Hyundai Service Satisfaction

Preston Hyundai is constantly training their technicians in order to ensure the best job possible, and it obviously shows by being the owner of the #1 Service Satisfaction Dealer Award in consecutive quarters.  Again, this is a huge honor and Preston Hyundai is very proud of their accomplishment.  “It shows that we value our customers and want them to have the best service experience possible,” Carter says.  Preston Hyundai – located in Hurlock, MD, but serves the entire east coast and places all around the United States – is looking forward to maintaining this standard of excellence through the 4th quarter and beyond to win many more Star Awards.

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