Cold Weather Car Hacks

It’s November and the cold weather is setting in on Delmarva and around the country.  Cold weather can bring about some things that make life more difficult.  Knowing this, I’ve put together a list of life hacks.  I’m sure most of you have seen the various life hacks that show up on your Facebook news feed every now and then.  These life hacks are all about how the cold weather affects you and your vehicle.

  1. Put some hand sanitizer on your car key if the lock is cold weather preston mdfrozen.  If you still must use a key instead of a fob to unlock your car, then this is a good one for you.  Any amount of moisture that gets trapped in your car lock will freeze on a cold night.  So, squeezing some hand sanitizer directly into the lock will melt the ice because of the alcohol content of the sanitizer.  You could also apply it to your key and insert it into the lock.  Either way the alcohol will break down the ice and unfreeze it.
  2. Park your car facing east to defrost the windshield.  Overnight your car is sure to accumulate some frost or ice on the windshield when the weather gets close to or below freezing temperature.  Parking it facing the east will enable the morning sun to clear some of the ice off before you actually come out to do it yourself before you leave for work.  Depending on how bright the sun and how long your car sits in the sun, you may not have to even scrape any ice off at all.  Now, that would make for a good start to the day!
  3. Carry a little bit of kitty litter in your car all winter long.  If you get stuck in the snow this little life hack will come in handy this winter.  Say you’re tires are spinning in the snow; you’re stuck.  Sprinkle a bit of kitty litter in front of each tire in order help you gain traction.  The next life hack is a little extension of this idea.  Also it may not be a bad idea to keep a small shovel in your car during the winter months to help dig you out of some tight spots when kitty litter just won’t do the job.
  4. As a last resort use the car’s floor mats to help you get traction.  If you don’t have kitty litter, salt, or a shovel, you can take your car mats off the floor and lay them on the ground in front of the drive tires to gain traction.  This may damage your mats, so this should be used as a final resort.
  5. Stick your windshield wipers up off the glass to prevent ice cold weather preston mdfrom sticking to them.  Anytime you are not using your car, pull the wiper blades up so they stick out perpendicular to the windshield.  This way they will not become frozen to the windshield if it were to snow.  This is great to do overnight or even when you’re parked all day at work.  Ice can damage your blades over time and could even scratch your windshield if you were to try to use the wipers with ice stuck to them.
  6. Ice-proof your car by misting a 3:1 mixture of distilled vinegar and water before a storm.  This will prohibit ice from forming on any surface that you spray.  You will still have to clean the snow off, but at least there will be no ice underneath!  And if you forget to do this before the storm, you could spray the mixture directly onto your icy windows to melt the ice.
  7. Finally, don’t leave electronics in your car.  The cold air will drain the battery without even using them.  If you usually keep your iPod in your car for music while driving; don’t.  The battery will almost surely be drained the next time you get in.  Especially don’t leave more expensive electronics in there like your laptop, tablet, or phone.  This may do more than drain the battery; it may actually have more lasting effects.

Hopefully these cold weather life hacks will get you through the winter this year!

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