Powering Our Future: Solar Roadways

Tired of uneven roads, potholes, road work, icy roads, or even shoveling snow?  Love clean/sustainable energy, job creation across the country, and new technology?  Well then you should know about Solar Roadways.  This idea made its way out to the internet world earlier this year with a video entitled Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways.  Since then, this video has gotten more than 18 million views and has educated even more than that.

You NEED to watch this entire video to get a grasp on all that can be done with Solar Roadways.  There are tons of little things you don’t think about that will go along with this new roadway technology, and all those things are explained in the video.

This is already a big project but it is going to be something huge by the time it is done.  So far, engineering couple Scott and Julie Brusaw have gotten funding from the Federal Highway Administration for $750,000.  They have also raised over 2 million dollars from regular people like you and me on a crowdfunding website called Indiegogo.com.  This “thing” is actually happening, and hopefully people, municipalities, and towns will be willing to try it.  If they try implementing it in smaller places like parking lots, driveways, and bike paths first, then law makers and other influential people will see how well it works and hopefully get behind it in order for it to grow.  As a matter of fact, this is not the only attempt at a solar panel roadway.

SolaRoad SolaRoad

Just last week in Amsterdam, Holland, they converted a 70 yard stretch of bike path into solar panels named SolaRoad.  They did not use the hexagonal design that The Brusaws came up with, but the idea is very similar.  It is said that up to 2,000 commuters will walk and bike on the path every day.  Back here in America, The Brusaws have already built a prototype parking lot on their property in Sagle, Idaho, and have many projects set up to start for businesses all around their hometown in the near future.

It is things like the bike path in Amsterdam and the parking lots The Brusaws are building with the FHA grant that will get this energy revolution moving along.  There are tons of advantages to this type of system.  The biggest one was pointed out toward the end of the video above; Solar Roadways, if implemented on all major highways in the US, would generate 3X’s the amount of energy we currently use.  It would also create an amazing number of jobs for engineering, construction, and maintenance of these systems for now and throughout the future.  It will help prevent accidents with its pressure system; warning you of something stationary on the road ahead.  There are countless benefits and of course some obstacles but nothing that is insurmountable.

solar roadways solar roadways solar roadways

People are getting excited about this revolutionary idea.  It could be upon us sooner than we think too.  Scott Brusaw says, “With this team in place, we hope to finalize the product for market by the end of this year.”  That doesn’t mean all the roads will be replaced immediately, but it is coming.  Soon enough we will all be driving on these new Solar Roadways.

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