Ford is Creating a Buzz for Upcoming Detroit Auto Show

Ford Motor Company is rumored to be revealing some major performance announcements at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.  Most of the following rumors are not confirmed but are believed to be true by several automotive news websites such as Road and Track, Yahoo Auto, and others as well.  If these developments are in fact revealed at the January Auto Show in Detroit, MI, then Ford will more than likely steal the spotlight away from all the other competition.

2016 ford shelby gt350 The Shelby GT350R with the flat-crank engine has created a ton of buzz so far this fall, but that seems to only be the tip of the iceberg.  It’s is assumed that Ford will be bringing this beast of a car to the Auto Show next month in Detroit.  Here are some other rumors swirling around Ford for this upcoming showcase.

ford shelby gt350rFirst off, it is believed that Ford will be debuting an all-new Performance Sub Brand.  There is much that leans toward this development including bringing the next-generation F-150 Raptor to the show as well as revealing a replacement for the Ford GT.  A new GT would be the big headliner in Detroit, and if it turns out to be true, it would create the need for a new Performance Sub Brand.  The two performance vehicles hinted at above would fit nicely under a performance umbrella that would act as Ford’s M or AMG.  There are several names being considered for the Performance Sub Brand including 999, which was rumored in months prior.  The 999 would of course be a tribute to the early 20th century race car created by Henry Ford.

2015 ford focus rsOther cars in the Ford line-up rumored to make a splash at the Detroit Auto Show are the Focus RS & ST as well as the Fiesta ST.  Most automotive news websites believe that Ford is making a Focus RS model to bring to the US.  Currently it is only available in European countries at the moment.  But this deceptively fast hatchback may be powered by the same engine in the new 2015 Mustangs and arrive stateside in 2015.

The Focus and Fiesta ST models are rumored to be mentioned at the show too.¬† There’s not too much hype for these two, but Ford is supposed to reveal some minor details concerning possible facelifts and updates of these vehicles.

The Detroit Auto Show is always fun to keep an eye on because of all the exciting news that seems to come out of these showcases.  Seemingly Ford plans to dominate the news feed of the show this year, so be sure to be on the lookout January 15-25, 2015.

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