It’s Time for the 2015 Mustang Convertible!

The 2015 ‘Stangs have been providing us with some excitement for a couple months, but Ford says, It’s time to turn up the heat!  That’s right, the 2015 Mustang Convertible is set to hit dealerships across the country later this week.  With five different Ford Dealers being a part of our Preston Automotive Group, this is something that we are extremely excited about!

The Ford drop-top Mustangs are sleek, sexy, and fast!  Now they’re not very practical for most winter climates, especially here in Maryland, but you’re going to want to have one of these when the summer sun rolls around here on the Eastern Shore.  Just think about having the rag-top down, the sun beating on you and the wind whipping through your hair.  These topless ‘Stangs are going to all be equipped with a manual transmission too.  If you would happen to want one with an automatic transmission, it can be done but will set you back about an extra $1000.  When they hit showrooms around the country later this week or next, they’ll be marked up a minimum $5500 over their hardtop counterparts.

2015 ford mustang convertible Preston Ford is expecting at least two of these hot 2015 Rag-Top Mustangs within a week or two.  However, Preston Ford is not our only Maryland or Delaware Ford Dealer that is expected to receive some of these drop-tops.  Both Boulevard Locations, in Georgetown and Lewes, DE, are expecting some ‘Stangs too.  An interesting fact that maybe people don’t realize is that we can get you a Ford (or any vehicle for that matter) from any one of our five dealerships no matter what dealer is most convenient for you.  We have dedicated runners that transport cars from dealer to dealer every single day.  So, if you live closest to Pittsville Ford in Maryland but want a 2015 Mustang Convertible from Preston Ford, we can make that happen for you with no problem at all!  So, come out to your nearest Preston Automotive Group Dealer for a new Ford.

2015 Mustang Car of the Year NomineeMeanwhile, amidst the hype of the Drop-Top Mustangs, its fastback counterparts are being nominated for a huge award by AutoGuide.  They were just recently put up for 2015 Car of the Year!  While we are excited about this as well, it doesn’t come as a shock.  This was to be expected that the redesigned 2015 Mustangs would be raking in award after award.  This is just a nomination, but it proves just how great this American Classic will be this year.

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