Most Searched Vehicles in the US

What is the most searched for vehicle on  Well, to find out they put together a list and it may or may not necessarily surprise you which ones made the top of that list.  Ford is the top selling American Car Brand in America, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that a Ford vehicle made the top of the Most Searched list.

2014 Ford Truck at PrestonThe Ford F-150 was by far the most sought after truck on  As you can see in the diagram below, the F-150 topped searches in 30 out of 50 states!  The F-150, which is represented by the pink color, has taken over the entire Midwest and most of the rest of the country.  It’s no wonder that the Ford F-150 has been the best-selling truck in America for the last 37 years.  The 2015 F-150s are not out at dealers yet, but they will be particularly special because of the new aluminum body they’re receiving.  This has been making news headlines for the better part of a year because it is such a revolutionary idea.  It will make the 2015 Ford Truck weigh in at a whopping 700 pounds lighter than its 2014 version; yet, will still be able to tow even more than before on some models.  The best-selling truck in America was by far the most searched for vehicle on

2015 Ford Mustang at PrestonSecond on that list was another Ford; one that was being redesigned in its 50th year of existence.  If you haven’t guessed by know, the car we’re referring to is the Ford Mustang.  This historically significant sports car came up as the 2nd most searched for vehicle on  So, by state, the Mustang (dark purple) was searched most in 10 out of 50.  If you combine the F-150 and Mustang, you see that Ford dominated the search results – owning 40 out of 50 states!  This year’s Mustang was made with an independent rear suspension and sports a new, fastback look.  We’ve sold several 2015 Mustangs at Preston Ford since they’ve been out in late October, and we still have several more on the ground with Convertible Mustangs on the way!

Most Searched Vehicles in USSome of the runners up include the Honda Accord, which was the most searched car in Maryland, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the Chevy Silverado.  Gone are the days of people coming into dealerships for information on new cars.  With the Internet at our fingertips anywhere we go, most people go through extensive research in order to narrow their car search down.  And like we said, Ford has dominated the searches on

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