Bestselling Cars of 2014

With 2014 in the books, Car and Driver added up all the sales and put together a list of the Bestselling Cars of the past year.  These aren’t necessarily the vehicles that cost the most money; we are strictly looking at volume – total units sold.  Car and Drivers list was 21 vehicles long, and 9 out of those 21 vehicles are sold by member dealers of the Preston Automotive Group!  We are so proud to sell nearly half of the cars on this list so let’s start it out with #1.

Bestselling Car Ford F-SeriesClaiming the top spot was the Ford F-Series, which should come as no surprise to anybody considering the F-150 has been the bestselling truck in America for 37 years.  Now, the F-Series encompasses more than just the F-150; it represents the F-150, 250, 350, 450 and 550.  The F-Series sold over 679,000 units in 2014 – that is 200,000 more units than its closest competitor.  If the big aluminum risk pays off, then we should see an even stronger hold on the top spot in 2015.

Bestselling Car Nissan AltimaWe’ll skip down to the 7th spot where the Nissan Altima comes in.  It is the first of two Nissan’s to make the Bestsellers List.  Of course the Altima has been towards the top for a while because of its efficiency and cost effectiveness, and Nissan recorded just over 303,000 units sold in the past year.


Next, a group of Ford’s took up spots in the middle of the list: #10 Fusion, #11 Escape and #15 Focus.  Ford showed off the Fusion’s wild side with a redesign in 2013 and people loved it; they sold 283,694 Fusions in 2014.  The Ford Escape came in next with 280,609 units sold.  And skipping a few spots down to #15 we have the Ford Focus, which sold 204,751 units last year.  The current Focus is one compact that requires no apologies and is getting a refreshed look for next year, so we should see it back on our list in 2015.

Bestselling Car Ford Fusion Bestselling Car Ford Escape Bestselling Car Ford Focus

Next up are a pair of Hyundai’s.  The Sonata missed catching the Elantra by a mere 4,151 units.  So, that put the Elantra at #16 with 203,163 units sold and had the Sonata at #17 with 199,012 units sold.  Both are great on fuel economy and look great.  Perfect for commuters, first time drivers, and anybody else who wants a great, economical car.

Bestselling Cars Hyundai Elantra Bestselling Car Hyundai Sonata

We have two SUV’s to close out the top 21 Bestsellers List: one Ford and one Nissan.  The Ford Explorer slipped down to #19 by only about 1500 units, but it’s the SUV that many would argue kicked off the SUV trend back in the 1990s.  This past year they sold 191,530.  The very last SUV to make the list at #21 is the Nissan Rogue.  It was just redesigned for 2014, undoubtedly contributing to its success, and sold ultimately capped off our list by selling 184,320 units.

Bestselling Car Ford Explorer Bestselling Car Nissan Rogue

We are proud to offer 9 of the top 21 Bestselling Cars of 2014 at our dealerships around all of Delmarva.  We are sad to see 2014 go, but from all of us here at Preston Automotive Group we want to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!  See you next year!

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