Top Used Vehicles at the Surplus Sell-Off Sale

preston automotive surplus sell-offThe Preston Automotive Group had a huge month of December in 2014 with many of our dealers having their best month of the year.  Preston Hyundai had the best December in their history.  Preston Mazda made December the best month of their calendar year.  And of course Preston and Denton Ford reached our highest ever ranking at #5 in the Country for December Sales and #72 in the Nation for Year to Date Sales.  With all those cars going out the door, you know we have a ton of trade-ins that came onto our lot.  Over 400 vehicles in fact!  Such a large Pre-Owned inventory means that we need some kind of sale to get rid of it all.  So, the Preston Automotive Group would like to announce the Surplus Sell-Off Sale!

So, we took a look at a list from CarGuru.  They ranked the most searched-for used vehicles of the entire year of 2014.  We cross referenced that with our larger than life inventory and here’s what we came up with!

Pre-Owned Jeep WranglerThe car they ranked number one was the Jeep Wrangler.  A more than capable and proven off-road vehicle, the Jeep Wrangler was the most popular pre-owned vehicle of 2014.  We have nearly 20 of these Wranglers at our various Preston Automotive Group locations throughout the Eastern Shore.  We have all different model years and trim levels too.

Next on the list was the Ford F-150.  Out of all our locations, we have over 50 Pre-Owned F-150’s at excellent prices!  From the basic XL models to the Harley Davidson Customized Edition, we have many different pre-owned F-150’s.  During our Surplus Sell-Off we are going to get rid of these best-selling, American trucks at unbelievable prices, so don’t miss it!

Third on CarGuru’s list was the Chevrolet Silverado.  We don’t have quite as many of these, but the 11 that we do have are top notch.  Most of these Silverado’s are at the Preston Autoplex, although we still have some at Boulevard Georgetown and Millsboro Automart.  Click the link to check them out!

Pre-Owned Chevy CamaroAnother Chevy vehicle comes in as the fourth most popular used car in 2014: Chevy Camaro.  These cars just scream FAST!  We have two great looking Camaro’s at the Preston Autoplex located in Hurlock, Maryland, at the intersection of routes 318 and 331.

Next up is the Toyota Camry as we do not have any Dodge Chargers at the moment.  The Camry is one of the safest, most-reliable sedans in the world and we have five of them spread out between our various locations; including an amazing Internet Special that is discounted more than $7,000 from MSRP located at our Boulevard Georgetown location!

Next on the list is the Ford Mustang – a speedster we sell a TON of!  We have Mustangs as new as model year 2013 and we even have a GT500.  They are American Classics and you could get a pre-owned ‘Stang at FIVE of our locations: Georgetown, Lewes, Millsboro, Pittsville and Preston.  And all of our locations are participating in the Surplus Sell-Off Sales event during the month of January and beyond

The Honda is a brand known for long-lasting vehicles and fuel efficiency, so next up on our list is the Honda Accord.  At the moment we have nine used Honda Accords at our various Preston locations.  They are great economy cars, which is why they made our list of most popular used cars of 2014!

The last car to make the list is the always reliable Nissan Altima.  We have a Surplus of Altima’s at many of our Preston Automotive Group locations.  From Georgetown, Delaware, to Preston, Maryland, we have the Pre-Owned Nissan Altima for you!

So, check out any of the links above or go straight to our website to view every single car we have at

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