5 Tips to Ready Your Home for Freezing Temperatures

The entire Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware is bracing itself for brutal temperature drops tonight.  We’re here to give you some tips and things to think about with the sub-zero temperatures looming.

  1. First of all you’re going to want to avoid unnecessary exposure to the freezing cold.  Be aware of both the actual temperature and the wind chill factor when preparing to go outside.  Remember that most of your body heat is lost through your head so wear a hat – and preferably one that covers your ears.  Covering your hands with gloves is also recommended; however, mittens are better.  Also, dressing in layers will insulate you better if you’ll be outside for an extended period of time.
  2.  5 tips to prevent freezing pipelines Now, to homeowners, these sub-zero temperatures could create havoc if you are not prepared.  Freezing pipes are one of the most troublesome things for homeowners when the temperatures drop.  To protect your home’s pipes from freezing and bursting you can do several things.  For one, let the cold water drip from your faucets that are served by exposed pipes or pipes in exterior walls.  By letting the water run even at a trickle, it helps prevent freezing because the water that is flowing must – if only slightly – be above freezing.  And you’ll want to be sure you know how to shut off water valves in the event of a burst pipe.
  3. Another thing to remember is to close your crawlspace vents.  This will ensure a minimal amount of the cold, outside air to get into your home.  And usually pipes run through crawl spaces so by keeping them shut off to the frigid air, you take another precaution to help prevent freezing pipes.
  4. Outside the house, be sure to disconnect water hoses and make sure those faucets are not dripping.  You could even seal up the area around the nozzle with a cap to prevent cold air from traveling inside the house through the pipe.
  5. 5 tips for freezing temperaturesAs for pets or livestock, you should obviously keep them indoors.  Pets such as cats and dogs should be kept in the house.  Whereas livestock such as chickens, cattle, and horses should just be kept under some sort of shelter whether it be a coupe for the chickens or stables for the horse and cattle.


All of these tips should be taken into consideration tonight and throughout the winter.  However, tonight into tomorrow you should take extreme caution because a Wind Chill Advisory is in effect from 9 PM to 9 AM for almost every zip-code on the Eastern Shore.  The real temperature for Preston is expected to be 9°, and with the wind chill it will feel like -6° overnight on January 7, 2015.  Be safe and take the necessary precautions tonight.

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