Newly Revealed Cars Showing Up in Video Games

It’s been a big week in automotive news with the North American International Auto Show going on in Detroit, MI, since January 12, 2015.  Ford Motor Company revealed several new vehicles from their new Ford Performance Division.  Nissan revealed a new light-duty truck with a Diesel engine in the 2016 Titan XD.  So, there were all these unveilings plus tons more from auto brands like Acura, Infiniti, Volvo, Bentley, and more.

Ford GT at #NAIASCar enthusiasts of all kinds love the new reveals, and video game companies took notice; Companies like Polyphony Digital and Turn 10 Studios who make the most popular racing games in the world such as Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, respectively.  These developers are getting the best of the best performance vehicles to be in their games and on the covers.  And with Gran Turismo 7 and Forza Motorsport 6 both slated to come out at the end of 2015, they are actively gathering top notch supercars to be in their games.  That brings us to this past week.

Ford GT on Forza 6 CoverJust this week at the North American International Auto Show, Ford unveiled 3 new performance vehicles.  A Ford F-150 Raptor, Shelby Mustang GT350R, and best of all the Ford GT supercar.  All of these vehicles have production/release dates within the next year or two but you’ll be able to “drive” them much sooner than that.  What I mean by that is they are all going to be a part of the new Forza Motorsport 6 for Xbox One.  So, this way you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to drive the latest Ford supercar.  And as announced at the auto show, it will be the first Ford ever to grace the cover of Forza.  It will join Ferrari, Audi, Nissan, and more as cover models for the successful franchise.  The last game (Forza Motorsport 5) came out around the end of November last year so gamers are expecting a similar time frame for this game’s release.

Nissan Gran Turismo Concept supercarAnother development is the Nissan 2020 Vision Concept supercar that surfaced this week.  It looks very futuristic with its wrap around windshield, low profile, and sleek points and curves.  In fact, it is said that this concept will be reflected in future GTR’s.  This concept is not expected to be drivable in the real world; however, that doesn’t mean it can’t be drivable in a virtual world.  And that is exactly what will happen.  The Nissan 2020 Vision Gran Turismo Concept supercar will be a part of the new Gran Turismo 7 exclusively for PS4.  It is an awesome looking car, and, quite frankly, we all probably wish it was actually being built in real life.

It will be pretty neat to see which other cars make it into the various racing games.  Gamer or not, it is cool to see these supercars on the screen especially with the graphics capabilities today’s technology allows.

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