Car Stuck in the Snow? Here Are Some Tips!

With the impending doom tonight’s storm is slated to bring, we compiled a list of things to try if your car gets stuck in the snow.

  1. The first thing to do is Stay Calm.  The situation may be out of your control, so there is no point in getting all worked up and stressed out.  This is especially the case when you have kids with you.  If they see you getting worked up, they will usually follow your lead; thus, stressing you out even more.
  2. Make sure your car is Visible.  Even if you are stuck in the middle of the daytime, turn your hazard lights on so passing cars can see you.  Who knows, a Good Samaritan may be passing and stop to help you.  But this tip is especially important if you are on a busy roadway at nighttime.  One car stuck in the snow could easily lead to other accidents if people can’t see that you’re stuck.  If a wreck does occur, be sure to call one of our three body shops.stuck in the snow
  3. Is your exhaust pipe clear?  Before you even do anything to get your car unstuck, you want to make sure your exhaust pipe isn’t blocked by snow.  If it’s blocked it could be pushing the carbon monoxide back into the engine or even into the interior of the car.  And if you don’t know, carbon monoxide CAN kill you.  Do yourself a favor and keep your tailpipe clear!
  4. Don’t spin your tires.  The more you spin your tires the further stuck in the snow you’ll become.  You’ll dig yourself deeper and lodge snow into the tread of your tires.  Instead of spinning your tires when your car is stuck in the snow, it is best to use our next tip.
  5. Rock slowly forward and back.  Put the car in the lowest possible gear and try to back up slowly.  Stop.  Then move forward, slowly.  Ideally, that rocking will help the car gain traction.  And after several back and forth movements you should be able to generate enough speed to get unstuck.
  6. Still Stuck? Hopefully you have a shovel.  This tip is technically something you could do first, but that is only if you are prepared enough to carry a shovel in your car.  If you have one, you could use it to shovel out the snow around your drive tires.  This will usually enable you to gain complete stuck in the snow
  7. Call 888-TOW-FROG.  If you call this number, one of our dedicated tow truck drivers will be there to tow you out of any situation you find yourself in.  If you are a Preston For Life Platinum member, then towing is free for 50 miles too!

With the expected snowfall across the entire Eastern Shore Peninsula tonight, it is imperative that you are ready for the worst possible circumstances.

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