Lincoln Continental Back for 2016? Maybe…

Lincoln has been in the midst of overhauling its lineup, as well as introducing some brand new additions like the Compact Crossover MKC, and the next model we’re likely to see completely renewed is the MKS.¬† The source of this information is somewhat unusual – singer Neil Young.¬† Last December he revealed that he is working in conjunction with Lincoln for his digital music player and download service, Pono, to be put into the new “Continental” for a “2016 release.”¬† This reveal – which was seemingly accidental – gets the gears turning in our heads because we’ve known for quite some time that Lincoln is looking for a replacement for the MKS.

2015 lincoln mks

This would make total sense to bring back the iconic Continental name – which went out of production after the 2002 model year – because the MKS is their largest sedan and the Continental was one of the largest/longest cars on the road too.¬† It’s interesting how all of these things add up… We think it’s more than just a coincidence, and we’re not mad about it.


Is this really what the potential 2016 Lincoln “Continental” could look like?

Regardless of what the MKS replacement will be called, it will supposedly be revealed late this year and go on sale a year from now Рin Spring of 2016.  Watch the interview with Neil Young around the 4:00 mark and see if you think there is any meaning behind it or not?  Here at Preston Lincoln we sure hope there is some stock in it!

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