Ford Focus RS to Feature ‚ÄúDrift Mode‚ÄĚ?

The Ford Focus RS, which has typically been exclusively sold in Europe, is now coming to the US for 2016! The Focus RS is currently in Geneva, Switzerland, for the Geneva International Motor Show. The RS is the latest unveiling in a new era of Ford performance that will bring more than 12 performance vehicles to global customers by 2020. It won’t be in the US until next year, however, there was more exciting news revealed concerning its performance capabilities that came out in Geneva. Besides having a very powerful 2.3-liter Ecoboost Engine and over 315 horsepower, it is now known that it will feature “Drift Mode”. 2017 ford focus RS drift modeDrift Mode is pretty much what it sounds like – it is a mode that enables you to drift easier by a certain set of processes. To understand those processes you have to know that it has All-Wheel Drive with Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control.¬† That is a lot of big words but basically torque vectoring is a new technology employed in automobile differentials. A differential transfers engine torque to the wheels. S0, torque vectoring technology provides the differential with the ability to vary the power to each wheel. The ability of the twin-clutch all-wheel-drive system to channel up to 70 percent of the RS‚Äôs torque to the rear wheels, and then up to 100 percent of that output to either side to enable torque vectoring, makes it relatively easy to persuade the Focus RS into power oversteer (aka Drifting).2017 ford focus RS drift modeFord understands that it can’t just give regular people like you and me this tremendous capability without installing some safety features. So what they did was put in a system to help you, which is explained by Chief Engineer Jamal Hameedi. “It¬†knows how fast the car is yawing (tilting through the drift for lack of a better phrase) and what you‚Äôre doing to catch it. The more you stay ahead of the car, the more the system will let you rotate the car. But if the computer sees you falling behind, your steering inputs not keeping up with the yaw rate, then it steps in and rescues you.” In case you think you are a world-class drifter, then to answer your most pressing question: yes, you will be able to turn off the stability control system. But Ford does warn that it will always be easier to control in “Drift Mode”. Check out Ken Block testing out the drift mode like a true pro:

And as if you would need anymore convincing, here’s another video demonstrating all that the Ford Focus RS can do.

This will certainly be a special car when it finally comes to the US. The Preston Automotive Group sure is excited especially after all these new features keep getting revealed. Keep up with our blog for more information on the Focus RS release date and other automotive news!

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