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Nissan’s 2016 GT-R Gold Edition


The Nissan GT-R is celebrating a somewhat historic birthday next model year.  The GT-R is turning 45 and Nissan is doing it big.  The 2016 Nissan GT-R will sport a subtle gold paint job and as you can see from the picture, it is stunning.  A bit of news that’s perhaps even more stunning is the fact that Nissan will send just 30 of the Gold Edition GT-Rs to the states!  That will surely make it a highly sought after vehicle.  We are hoping to get one delivered to Preston Nissan in Hurlock, MD, but that won’t be for several months yet.Nissan 2016 GT-R gold edition

Nissan 2016 GT-R 45th anniversary gold editionNow your probably thinking 1.) ‘How much is this beauty gonna set me back?’ and 2.) ‘Why did they make the Gold Edition for their 45th anniversary?’  Well, one thing at a time.  In terms of price, our answer comes straight from Nissan – and it’s not as much as you might expect.  The prices on all three levels of the GT-R will remain exactly the same as last year.  The Premium 0r entry-level model will stay at $103,365, the Black Edition will be $113,105, and the NISMO again will cost $151,585.  And the added Gold Edition will command a $1,000 premium over the entry-level GT-R.  So, for $104,365 and perfect timing (as there will only be 30 available) you could be behind the wheel of a rare, gold-tone, 2016 GT-R.  As for the second question, we have no clue.  Usually a 50th anniversary would be dubbed the Golden Jubilee, but Nissan is bringing on the Gold Edition 5 years early.

Preston Nissan actually received a 2015 Black Edition GT-R last year, so who knows, a Gold Edition could be coming to Preston.  It won’t be known where the 30 GT-Rs will end up for several months still but it’s fun to dream, right?  Keep an eye on our blog and Preston Nissan’s Facebook page for updates on everything Nissan!

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