Nissan’s 2016 GT-R Gold Edition

The Nissan GT-R is celebrating a somewhat historic birthday next model year.¬† The GT-R is turning 45 and Nissan is doing it big.¬† The 2016 Nissan GT-R will sport a subtle gold paint job and as you can see from the picture, it is stunning.¬† A bit of news that’s perhaps even more stunning is the fact that Nissan will send just 30 of the Gold Edition GT-Rs to the states!¬† That will surely make it a highly sought after vehicle.¬† We are hoping to get one delivered to Preston Nissan in Hurlock, MD, but that won’t be for several months yet.Nissan 2016 GT-R gold edition

Nissan 2016 GT-R 45th anniversary gold editionNow your probably thinking 1.) ‘How much is this beauty gonna set me back?’ and 2.) ‘Why did they make the Gold Edition for their 45th anniversary?’¬† Well, one thing at a time.¬† In terms of price, our answer comes straight from Nissan – and it’s not as much as you might expect.¬† The prices on all three levels of the GT-R will remain exactly the same as last year.¬† The Premium 0r entry-level model will stay at $103,365, the Black Edition will be $113,105, and the NISMO again will cost $151,585.¬† And the added Gold Edition will command a $1,000 premium over the entry-level GT-R.¬† So, for $104,365 and perfect timing (as there will only be 30 available) you could be behind the wheel of a rare, gold-tone, 2016 GT-R.¬† As for the second question, we have no clue.¬† Usually a 50th anniversary would be dubbed the Golden Jubilee, but Nissan is bringing on the Gold Edition 5 years early.

Preston Nissan actually received a 2015 Black Edition GT-R last year, so who knows, a Gold Edition could be coming to Preston.¬† It won’t be known where the 30 GT-Rs will end up for several months still but it’s fun to dream, right?¬† Keep an eye on our blog and Preston Nissan’s Facebook page for updates on everything Nissan!

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