Mazda6 Touring: 2015 vs. 2016

We all know that the year 2015 has only just begun, so how can it be that 2016 model year vehicles are slowly coming onto the scene already?  Well there are not many, but the first automaker to send out 2016 models is (drum roll please)… Mazda!  Yes, you read that correctly, Mazda has already released 2016 models of the CX-5 and the Mazda6 for sale to the public.  Here at Preston Mazda in Preston, MD, we have over 20 CX-5’s and 15 Mazda6’s!  We are also one of only two Maryland Mazda Dealers that have been named a 2015 Gold Cup Dealer, so you know we’ll take care of you as our customer.

With these extremely new models, you’re probably wondering, what are the benefits of these 2016’s?  Well we want to highlight some of the main differences between the 2015 and 2016 Mazda6.  First of all, we looked at the Touring model, which is the middle trim level sandwiched between the cheaper Sport and more luxurious Grand Touring.  Both (2015 and 2016) white models pictured are Touring models in order to get the most accurate sense of the upgrades Mazda has made.2015 and 2016 Mazda 6 at preston mazda

If you’re anything like us, the first thing you’ll notice is the entire front fascia – headlight to headlight.  The Mazda Emblem is actually inset into the slats of the grill.  And speaking of the grill, each slat is accented in chrome as well as each fog light.  The final thing different on the front end is the headlights.  The inner lights are designed differently and have a darker casing to cover them.  In our opinion, they look more aggressive and intimidating than before – perfectly personifying this new 2016 style.2015 Mazda6 at Preston Mazda 2016 Mazda6 at Preston Mazda

You’ll be able to see some differences on the inside as well.  In the center of the dash you’ll notice Mazda went from a smaller, inlayed, 5-inch touchscreen, to a popped-up, 7-inch touchscreen in the new model. The seats on this particular model got lighter, while still keeping the leather of course.  There is also a little switch that was added next to the gear shifter to enable Sport Mode!  This particular feature is exciting and you can actually tell the difference when it is switched on – it will give you a rush.  2015 Mazda6 Interior Dash 2016 Mazda6 Interior Dash

The final interior difference would be something that you can’t necessarily see in either picture – it’s referred to as the “heads up” display.  If you scroll down to the next picture you can see that a small screen pops up in order to reflect the MPH closer to your eye line.  Some may say it is unnecessary, but nonetheless, it is a neat, techy feature.2016 Mazda6 Heads up Display

We think these are the most important changes made to the Mazda6 from 2015 to 2016.  And again, just because it is a 2016 don’t think it’s not coming out until then.  It is out RIGHT NOW!  We have a large selection of these new mid-size sedans at our Gold Cup Certified Mazda Dealer in Preston, Maryland.  If you could see yourself in one of these sporty, family cars then check out the various links to our website or call 877-873-3591.

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