Lincoln Continental Concept Introduced Ahead of New York Auto Show

A comeback of Lincoln Continental has been talked about for quite a while now; and, short of this being a very elaborate April Fool’s joke planned by Ford and Lincoln, it looks like it is in the works.  Lincoln officially put out a press release outlining everything today, Monday, March 30, 2015.  This comes the same week of the New York International Auto Show – where they were already expected to release the details.  But being that they are battling it out for biggest auto news stories of the week with Cadillac and other automakers, they decided to reward us patient consumers with pictures and tons of info early.   Lincoln Continental concept at new york auto show

The biggest theme of the biggest auto story so far: Technology.  New tech seems to be a hallmark of this new, reimagined, conceptual Lincoln Continental.  We’ll start you off with something easy to digest.  Lincoln says the new-age Continental will have a Premium Revel audio system with three different modes: Stereo, Audience and On-Stage.  Now that’s cool, but how about lights inside and out that turn on when it senses the key approaching?  Yep, it will have that too.  Think that can’t be topped?  Well, try this on for size; the new Continental will have a SPD SmartGlass tinting sunroof.  That means, at the touch of a button, you will be able to turn the tint up on the glass, which will enable the interior temperature to be lowered as much as eighteen degrees and block out 99% of UV rays.  This futuristic, full-size luxury sedan will also feature Pedestrian Detection and a 360 degree camera, which will display on the MyLincoln Touch screen.  Under the hood, it is said that it will have a 3.0-liter V6 EcoBoost Engine.  That would be a Lincoln Exclusive engine and certainly something to be excited about.Lincoln Continental concept at new york auto showLincoln Continental concept at #NYIAS

Now, the 2015 New York International Auto Show will be taking place April 3rd-12th with a press preview day on April 1st.  And the news of this Lincoln Continental is surely just the beginning of many stories to come out of New York in the next two weeks.  Use the hashtag #NYIAS to find interesting articles and pictures throughout the two weeks.  Also keep an eye on our blog for everything and anything auto!

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