April is National Car Care Awareness Month!

car care aware logoJoin the Preston Automotive Group in celebrating Car Care Awareness Month!  If you think about it, your vehicle is probably your second largest investment (second to your house if you own one).  If you have a vehicle you probably use it to drive to work every day, transport the kids to their activities, and get you to and from various other places, right?  And if it broke down or started to work improperly, then you might be in kind of a pickle, right?  Well, the goal of Car Care Awareness Month is to make sure people know how they should be taking care of their vehicle.

car care awareness statisticLast year during Nationwide Car Care Inspections, 84% failed at least one component of the inspection.¬† That means nearly every one of these drivers were potentially driving around in an unsafe vehicle.¬† Now, that number could be reflecting failures such as faulty taillights, low washer fluid, or some other small issue, but nonetheless it is a safety hazard if it causes your vehicle to fail an inspection. ¬†There are all kinds of numbers that would scare you such as nearly 1 in 5 vehicles needed a new air filter, or 13% had the ‚Äúcheck engine‚ÄĚ light on.¬† But here‚Äôs the bottom line: most people don‚Äôt know what kind of regular maintenance should be completed on a car at each specific milestone.

Another part of Car Care Awareness’ mission is to give you the knowledge so you can detect small issues early before they turn into big problems.  Neglected vehicle care almost always means higher costs down the line.  The results found by carcare.org show that the majority of vehicle owners could save a substantial amount of money by being proactive in their vehicle maintenance.

So, our goal this month, alongside the Car Care Council, will be to inform you of the best way to look after one of your largest investments.  Whether you have a new or pre-owned vehicle, there are certain steps and precautions to take, and that is what we will be highlighting all month long!

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