What is the Ford EcoBoost Challenge?

The creative concept of the Ford EcoBoost Challenge is to give drivers a head-to-head test of their current vehicle with a new Ford vehicle.  Ford wants to know which car customers will prefer.  Hint: they have a pretty good inkling that everyone will favor Ford.

This has been an ongoing and mobile challenge taking place at 17 locations throughout the country.  The closest one to Preston, MD actually took place at Fed Ex Field on the weekend on March 28th, which we highlighted in an earlier blog post.  Ford featured some of its top vehicles including the 2015 F-150, Edge, Explorer, and Mustang.  These vehicles had the challengers proclaiming, “I’ll definitely be buying a Ford!” for one major reason: the EcoBoost Engines.

EcoBoost is a blend of two technologies that aren’t necessarily unique to Ford; however, Ford did coin and market the term EcoBoost.  The two technologies that make up an EcoBoost engine are turbocharging and direct injection.  When it’s put in laymen terms like that you probably realize that you’ve heard of many other vehicles that have turbocharged, direct injected engines, but unless they’re a Ford they’re not EcoBoost.  While people see the positives of getting the extra Eco (fuel economy) and extra Boost (acceleration), criticisms have come up that say the various EcoBoost engines don’t deliver as much on the fuel economy as they do the acceleration.  Nonetheless, it has been found to be a general consensus that the EcoBoost engines are just different enough to win people over.ford ecoboost challege

The EcoBoost Challenge will be taking place in 13 more cities between now and the end of June!  The next closest EcoBoost Challenge to the Eastern Shore will take place in Philadelphia on June 6th.  Check out the complete list of cities and dates below.  You will even have a chance to win a brand new 2015 Ford Edge if you attend one of the challenges.  It’s sure to be a fun start to summer with the EcoBoost Challenge Tour by Ford!

Miami, FL – March 7th
Los Angeles, CA – March 14th
Dallas, TX – March 21st
Washington D.C. – March 28th
Houston, TX – April 18th
Louisville, KY – April 25th
Charlotte, NC – May 2nd
Phoenix, AZ – May 2nd
Seattle, WA – May 9th
Chicago, IL – May 9th
Cincinnati, OH – May 30th
Pittsburgh, PA – May 30th
Orlando, FL – June 6th
Philadelphia, PA – June 6th
San Francisco, CA – June 13th
Rochester, NY – June 13th
Minneapolis, MN – June 20th

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