Top Used Cars for Summer

Summer driving is fun. Whether you are flying down back-country roads, taking road trips to the beach or blasting music with the windows down — it’s fun. However, you must have the right car for Summer. We have compiled a list of the best used cars for Summer drivin’.

used Ford Mustang Convertible summerFirst up is the iconic Mustang. We have several pre-owned Mustangs available at our various locations throughout the Eastern Shore. With some regular coupes and some convertibles, we have the perfect one for you! Just picture yourself cruising down Route 50 on your way to Ocean City in your (new to you) drop-top Mustang! Check out all we have to offer on our website by clicking the link to find your pre-owned Mustang!

used chevy corvette summer

Our next choice would be a Chevy Corvette.  We get Corvettes traded in every now-and-then, and you can’t deny they are flashy. The Corvette has been one of America’s top sports cars since they were first built in 1953. That’s over 60 years of American Tradition, and you could own a piece of that history with a pre-owned Corvette from the Preston Automotive Group. Don’t think you could afford payments on one? Don’t be so sure. Check out our website for used Corvettes by following the link, and see exactly how much they are.

used jeep summerWant the ultimate beach-cruiser? One that will hold all your friends plus all their gear? How ‘bout a pre-owned Jeep Wrangler? We have some in stock now but are receiving more by the truckload every single week in preparation for the start of Summer, which is officially less than a month away! You would look great behind the wheel of a Jeep rolling up and down Baltimore Avenue in Ocean City, MD. Check out Jeep’s unique design by viewing our selection on our website.

used motorcycle preston summer

For our final selection we have something special: Motorcycles. Bet you didn’t know we sell pre-owned Motorcycles. Well we do! And right now we have one special, flashy bike. The Big Dog Ridgeback, with its bright yellow paint job and extra long front end, is a sight to behold. It’s even better when your on the back of one — trust us! Well, actually, you don’t have to trust us — you could come down to the Preston Autoplex and try it out for yourself!

All of these are great options for Summer riding. Whether you’re more into a convertible, sports car, off-road capable gear-hauler, or flashy motorcycle, we have what you want at prices you can afford! If you’re even slightly entertaining the idea of getting a car in time for the Summer, then hop on to and browse our inventory of over 1600 new cars and 300 used cars! Bring on the heat of Summer!

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