Hyundai USA Becomes Official NFL Sponsor

Hyundai loves sports. Think back recently to the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Their brand name was all over the place! From the running boards along the perimeter of the field, to the glass behind the interviewees, it was everywhere. And now Hyundai has made their move to the NFL where they are now the official automotive sponsor! With one of the largest fanbases, the NFL is every brand’s world cup sponsorshiphyundai world cup sponsorship

As part of the exclusive partnership, Hyundai will have use of the NFL trademarks across various marketing channels. Get used to seeing Hyundai commercials replace those from General Motors Co. Beyond commercials, Hyundai will have exclusive access to big events such as the Super Bowl, Playoffs and the Draft. Instead of the Super Bowl MVP getting a Chevy Truck he will now be getting a free Hyundai. Dave Zuchowski, President and CEO, even states that “the NFL and Hyundai also share a commitment to helping the communities where we do business, another important aspect of our sponsorship.”

hyundai nfl sponsorshipNow this exclusivity hasn’t come without a hefty price tag. The cost has actually not been revealed, but it is likely they are paying around $25 Million per year, which is what GM was paying last year. Hyundai will take the reigns and launch it’s activation with a major presence during NFL Kickoff activities on September 10th.

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