Apple Manufacturing a Self-Driving Car?

Apple Self Driving Car

Apple is working on designs for a car that will drive itself. Local officials say engineers for the mega-giant Apple recently investigated GoMentum Station Automotive testing facility that’s used as a testing ground for self-driving cars and the other high-tech vehicles. The station located in the San Fransisco City of Concord once was a naval base until around 1994.

Of course, we all know that Apple is best known for the every so popular iPhones and Mac computers. But, could we get to know this tech company as an automotive company? Only time will tell.

GoMentum Station has been used as a vehicle test facility for many automakers. It is a very secure facility that doesn’t offer access to the public. GoMentum is about 40 miles North of Silicon Valley.

Concord Naval Station

Concord Naval Weapon Station, California.

Self-driving cars may still sound like the stuff of science fiction, but Russ Rader, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety senior VP of communications, told Investopedia in 2014 the technology has been creeping into car manufacturing models for several years now.

“Its got all the infrastructure of a city,” Jack Hall, the program manager at GoMentum Station. “There are buildings, streets and intersections, but no people.”

The 5,000-acre site has 20 miles of paved roads, including overpasses, tunnels and railroad crossings, according to the agency’s website, which calls it “the largest secure test facility in the world.”

Apple is believed to have paired with Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) as a potential partner, likely that  FCA would provide the car body and some or all of the powertrain.

Project Titan is what Apple executive’s had been calling it, and the project is all but confirmed. It has also been reported that Googles’s self-driving car software and systems will most likely be ready to market by 2017. So even if the project is further along than previously thought, it seems highly unlikely that Apple will beat Google in the race for the 1st self-driving car.

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