George Jackson is Bringing His Scrolls to Millsboro!

Twenty years ago on Thanksgiving George Jackson of American Corner had an idea for a way to honor troops over seas. He was watching the news early in the morning and saw interviews with the American Troops in Germany who were readying themselves to go into Bosnia. He had a roll of paper and he thought ‘I’m going to see if they want to join me in writing on it and get it over to the troops because they will be leaving their families right before Christmas.’ That first scroll ended up being the length of a football field with messages from people all over the Delmarva area. This is the idea that has led to George’s legendary scrolls.George Jackson Military Scrolls

He has sent his scrolls all over the world including Spain, Italy, Bosnia, Bases in Africa, Honduras and even the North Pole! The Coast Guard has a base near the North Pole and George even received a picture of those members holding his stretched-out, 419-foot scroll in front of one of the largest ice cutting ship in the world. He said that was an especially proud moment for him and that getting those pictures is what keeps his drive alive to carry on with this project.

George Jackson Military Scrolls

Ever since he started, he has been all over Delaware, Maryland and Virginia lugging his heavy scrolls of paper to various events such as car shows, parades, malls and more. He is known quite well around the area and he has just announced that he will be at the new Millsboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on Friday, November 13th with his scrolls in hopes of getting some filled up to send for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

George Jackson Military Scrolls

These scrolls are appreciated by all the military personnel who receive them and if you don’t believe us then George will have tons of stories for you that will make you believe in what he is doing. So, from 11AM-5PM on Friday, November 13th, George Jackson will be at Millsboro CDJR celebrating 20 years of his scrolls. He will have some to sign for each branch of the United States Military, so if you’re in the area come by and sign his scrolls so they can go out in time for the holiday season and check out our huge inventory of new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles! We have over 100 that are priced lower than anywhere else on the Eastern Shore. We look forward to seeing you on Friday the 13th!

George Jackson scrolls at millsboro cdjr

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